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And the winner is… uvex 1

uvex 1 x-tended support 8512 safety shoe wins German Design Award 2015

After receiving the internationally renowned design prize, the "German Design Award 2015", the uvex 1 x-tended support 8512 safetyshoe has once again confirmed its position at the top of the winner's podium. Following the Red Dot Product Design Award 2013, the Focus Open 2013 in Silver and a nomination for the Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany 2014, this is the most significant sign yet that uvex is at the forefront of innovation and design.

uvex 1 successful safety footwear concept

With an ideal combination of comfort, technical innovation and sporty design, the uvex 1 safety footwear range enthrals its wearers. Since its market introduction in the summer of 2013, the uvex 1 range has become one of the most successful safety shoe lines. Lightweight, highly flexible and exceptional wearer comfort: for wearers, these are the most important properties of the safety shoe uvex 1 x-tended support 8512.

The consistent lightweight design principle, virtually seamless construction and a completely new manufacturing process have established new benchmarks in comfort, ergonomics and design of safety footwear. Selected models within the range have been awarded the EU Ecolabel, meaning the uvex 1 series meets demand for sustainable safety footwear.

Now also available in protection class S1 P and S3

From January 2015, the uvex 1 safety footwear line will be expanded to include products in the protection class of S1 P and S3. Distinguishing features of these products include a metal-free and penetration-resistant midsole as well as an additional scuff cap which provides protection at the front of the shoe.

German Design Award

The German Design Award is the top international prize from the German Design Council. This award honours outstanding products and projects from the field of product and communication design, as well as famous and emerging designers, recognising their distinctive pioneering roles within the German and international design landscape. The objective of the German Design Award is to discover, present and award unique design trends. Individual juries for the separate categories select and award the ten best design creations: these are the award "winners".

The German Design Council is the authority on brand and design in Germany. It recognises a mission to represent all German design events as its highest priority. The council was established in 1953 as a foundation at the initiative of the German government and since then has been supporting German businesses in consistently generating added brand value through design. In this way the German Design Council became one of the leading skill centres for communication and brand management globally in the field of design.  

The uvex group

UVEX WINTER HOLDING GmbH & Co. KG brings together three globally active companies under one roof: the uvex safety group, the uvex sports group (with uvex sports and Alpina Sports), and Filtral. The uvex Group is represented in 19 countries by 42 subsidiaries but chooses to do most of its manufacturing in Germany. Two thirds of the company's 2,225-strong workforce (as at 31 June, 2014) is employed in Germany. uvex is a global partner to international elite sport and equips a host of top athletes. The motto protecting people is at the heart of the company's activities. uvex develops, manufactures and distributes products and services for the safety and protection of people at work, in sport and for leisure pursuits.