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uvex Safety Expert System (SES)

Perfect PPE management


Safety officers today face huge challenges when selecting suitable personal protective equipment (PPE). Safety for all company staff through high-quality protection products and maximum wearing acceptance are of the utmost priority. However, just as important are a reasonable price-to-performance ratio and clear price transparency.

‘The Safety Expert System ( SES ) is a huge system for analysis and optimazation of the supply with PPE. The uvex Safety Expert System (SES) yields clear advantages for the company: along with an increase in safety through optimum use of the latest PPE, an enhancement of the safety awareness of staff and the resulting improvement in wearing acceptance, the economic effect is also a decisive factor. SES enables customers to optimise PPE requirements, improve service life and lower accident rates, while also reducing downtime. SES achieves transparency in the company, leads to process optimisation and increases each employee’s motivation.