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Team & Instructors



The academy team is dedicated to ensuring that all events are run professionally
and that guests have a pleasant stay.

  • Name
    Dr. Claus-Jürgen Lurz

    Director of the
    uvex academy

  • Name
    Madeleine Hager


    Administration & Organisation

Telefon: 0911 9736 – 1710            We are happy to respond to any enquiries about the uvex academy.
Fax: 0911 9736 – 1577



All of the uvex academy’s trainers and instructors have many years’ experience in theory and practice, are highly skilled at conveying practice-oriented information, and have the very latest expert knowledge at their disposal. We work with both recognised experts from uvex and high-calibre external specialists and advisors.


  • Name: Gerhard Dietl
    Field of training: Safety Eyewear

    • Optician and industrial optician
    • Product manager safety eyewear
    • Product development: eye protection
    • Many years’ practical experience of advising clients on technological applications
  • Name:  Alexander Reincke
    Field of training: Prescription Safety Eyewear

    • Master optician
    • Sales management, Germany
  • Name:  Dr. Thomas Fröhlich
    Field of training: Laser Safety

    • Productgroup management laser safety
    • Laser safety trainer for more than 10 years
    • Product developement laser protection
    • 20 years practical expierence
  • Name:  Tim Frieb
    Field of training: Laser Safety

    • Product management laser safety
    • Areas of expertise: laser construction, interferometrical optics, holography, measurement engineering
    • Product developement laser protection
    • 9 years practical experience
  • Name:  Manfred Schuster
    Field of training: Hearing Protection

    • Working in product development for 15 years
    • Product group manager head protection
    • Many years’ international experience as a trainer
  • Name:  Monika Heinik
    Field of training:
    Protective clothing/ functional fabrics

    • Product management workwear
    • Many years experience in customer consulting
  • Name:  Dr. Wolfgang Kesting
    Field of training: Safety Gloves

    • Director of R&D department for hand protection
    • Specialist lectures and seminars
    • Member of specialist and standards committees  
  • Name:  Thomas Ackermann
    Field of training: Safety Footwear

      • Product manager safety footwear
      • 20 years’ experience in the safety shoe industry
      • Advising clients on technological applications