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Tour of the uvex academy

The uvex academy, which has its own premises extending over 1,000 sqm, provides qualified training and brings industrial safety expertise to life in an active and practical way.

Located in the largest centre of expertise for safety eyewear worldwide, the uvex academy offers fascinating insights into the world of uvex.


The testing and demonstration centre brings safety to life in a meaningful way:

Facilities available in the testing and demonstration centre:

  • Impact-resistance testing equipment, in accordance with DIN EN and STANAG standards

  • Laser test stand

  • Climate chamber and StormCube

  • Test to change colour reproduction through tinted lenses

  • Hearing protection test/effectiveness of hearing protection through absorption

  • Penetration test for measuring the water penetration resistance of membrane fabrics

  • Flame test for heat and flame retardant fabrics

  • Martindale testing equipment for determining the abrasion resistance of textile materials

Training rooms

Equipped with the very latest conference and seminar technology, the training rooms provide space for up to 65 participants. A variable space concept allows the rooms to be used for a wide range of purposes. Seminars, meetings, press conferences, client events, symposiums – the possibilities are endless.

uvex Museum

The history of uvex encompasses all of uvex’s innovations in the areas of sports and industrial safety since the company was founded in 1926. The fascinating bridge between tradition and future, innovation and vision. Living history, presented in an attractive and compact way. The museum features exclusive exhibits focusing on top sports professionals who use uvex products to help them achieve their best performances and victories all over the world. Visitors can also discover the origins of the name uvex.

uvex academy bistro

The academy bistro offers relaxation and space for meeting and getting to know other participants during any event. Whether it’s a seminar, meeting or conference, the uvex academy bistro tempts guests with its innovative culinary creations.