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Bamboo TwinFlex® Technology

The patented Bamboo Twinflex® Technology, a material composition made of a cut protection fibre on the outside and a bamboo comfort fibre on the inside, combines outstanding skin sensory properties with excellent climate characteristics.

The bamboo’s natural fibre provides very good moisture transport and absorption, as well as a pleasant feeling on the skin. Importantly, it is free of harmful substances in accordance with Oeko-Tex® Standard 100.

Structure of the Bamboo TwinFlex® Technology with double face principle:


The Bamboo TwinFlex® protection function:

Strong glass fibres and abrasion resistant polyamide guarantee optimal mechanical protection.

The Bamboo TwinFlex® comfort function:

Soft, comfortable bamboo yarn for silky wearing comfort and perfect temperature control combined with durable Dyneema® fibre for high tear resistance.

uvex SoftGrip Coating (HPE)

The temperature control features are supported by the newly developed SoftGrip coating made out of high performance elastomer (HPE).

Ret values (= Resitance to moisture vapour transfer) of below 20 are achieved with this new coating. For the user, this means noticeable breathability, which ensures increased wearing comfort.