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Product service uvex workwear

uvex add on

With the uvex modular add-on system, it’s simple to increase the functionality of your work clothes to meet your needs. 

Customise your work clothes by adding knee patches, knee pads or elbow patches. Still not enough? Then opt for additional pockets or reflective stripes. It’s no problem with the add on system. And it gets even better! With add on, you can even shorten the length of the sleeves or legs.
Turn trousers into Bermuda shorts or customise the length of the legs or sleeves for an individual fit. add on is available exclusively for our evolution and texpert perfect, extra, plus and eco ranges, and it’s simple, fast and affordable!

uvex embroidery service

Would you like to have your logo on the breast pocket or back of your shirt, or your brand name on the front of your dungarees? We’ll be happy to create a template based on an existing embroidery, which can be applied using various techniques, including sewn-on embroidery, badges, transfer prints, screen prints and direct embroidery.

  • Embroidered logo / on carrier material
  • Name logo
  • Badge logo
  • Transfer logo
  • Direct embroidery


Please contact our uvex safety team!