uvex motion 3XL – a new dimension in foot protection

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Whether walking or standing still, safety footwear has to fit perfectly. uvex medicare’s orthopaedic foot protection is individually adapted to optimally help wearers’ medical problems relating to the feet.

Bild 039The uvex motion 3XL is more than just a safety shoe; it is a true “space miracle”, which meets all the requirements for safety while providing unparalleled wearer comfort. It fulfils the requirements of S3 shoes in accordance with industrial health and safety norm ISO 20345:2011. It also has SRC slip resistance, is lacquer-neutral and is certified for using orthopaedic insoles and shoe adjustments.





A middle ground between standard safety footwear and custom-made shoes

In addition, the uvex motion 3XL is the solution for all wearers of safety footwear who require greater width for extra wide feet or special shoes for medical problems (e.g. diabetics or hammer, claw and mallet toes) without having to resort to expensive custom-made shoes.


Professional, practical and cost-efficient solution

With the uvex motion 3XL, industrial health and safety experts at uvex have developed a safety shoe model that features functionality in every detail.
The generous shoe width is considerably above 15 and therefore provides ample room for inserting a thick insole (e.g. special diabetic insole). To prevent toes from being squashed, the shoe length has been extended by 1 cm beyond the optimum fit with the normal shoe size. The shaft construction is virtually seam-free to prevent pressure points. Exceptionally high, wide and anatomically shaped uvex medi-cap toe cap ensures sufficient room for irregular feet (e.g. hammer, claw and mallet toes), splints, inner shells or light foot bandages, so that the risk of pressure points is reduced.

Bild 169In addition, this model offers good freedom of movement around the toes taking into account the big toe joint.

The heel cap, which is extended both inside and outside, ensures optimum heel guidance. This improves body static and increases stability.

The upper material is breathable, hydrophobic high-tech microvelour coupled with particularly breathable distance mesh lining. This synthetic material is suitable for people allergic to chrome.


uvex motion 3XL has flexibility for using orthopaedic insoles and shoe adjustments.

The uvex motion 3XL is offered as a complete orthopaedic package, with construction material comprising soft, conductive 6 mm thick EVA foam, in combination with orthopaedic inserts with EVA core.

Bild 135Please note:

Use of uvex motion 3XL in combination with orthopaedic/medical treatment, prophylactic or medical diagnosis (e.g. prevention of diabetes-related subsequent foot problems) must be evaluated and realised by an orthopaedic specialist.




uvex motion 3XL – a true “space miracle” with unprecedented width.

The fashionable sporty design increases wearer acceptance considerably and therefore reduces the loss of working time due to illness.

8 thoughts to “uvex motion 3XL – a new dimension in foot protection”

    1. Dear Peter,

      thank you for your interest in our products.

      The uvex motion 3XL is not available in the UK so far. But it might be worth checking again in 6 months time.

      We will also let you know if anything changes.

      Kind regards,
      uvex safety team

    1. Hey Bryan!

      Although we are very interested in making the uvex motion 3XL available internationally, we cannot make any promises (or even talk about a timeline) at the moment.

      But if you don’t mind us asking: Are you interested in this shoe because of a health issue or are your feet too wide for regular safety shoes?

      Thanks for your interest and kind regards,
      uvex safety team

  1. Good evening, my name is Marco Rossini, I live in Italy 100 Km from Rome.
    I have a hard-to-toe problem on both feet, the dx was operated 4 months ago, consulting the internet I found the Uvex Motion 3xl low shoe shoes.
    I let you see the doctor who worked for me, which confirmed the high quality of these shoes and recommended me to buy them.
    The problem is I can not find them anywhere.
    There is no jn Italy dealer available to try them.
    I talked to Uvex Italia, told me they cost $ 700 and make them to order from Germany without being able to try it.
    Is not an excessive gain of almost 100% on every pair of shoes sold?
    Do they have an annual expiration date?
    Sorry my irony but without these shoes I’m sick, at the end of the turn I can not walk anymore.
    What do you recommend me?
    Waiting for answers thank you for your availability and I give you some kind regards.
    Marco Rossini

    1. Hello Marco.

      Thanks for your intereset in our uvex motion 3 XL series. It is important to understand that this is not a ready-to-try product – but it needs to be individually tailored to your specific needs. So it would not make much sense if you could just order it online. Instead you need to talk to a orthopaedic technician (and to your doctor, of course) who then can order the shoe (as shoe or as boot) from uvex and custom-fit it to your feet. You also should talk to your employer who is responsible for PPE in your workplace.

      If you have any further questions, feel free to get back to us via email: medicare@uvex.de

      Kind regards,
      uvex safety team

  2. hi we have an issue with one of our workers who requires a safety shoe. i have seen the uvex 3xl and it seems to fit the criteria for this person. where could i possibly purchase this shoe. i have read your answers and realise that it is not available in UK. could i procure direct from germany? thx. if so i would need a supplier address.

    1. Hey Spencer!

      As we’ve already answered above, this is a product that has to be tailored to the specific needs of its wearer – so it might prove difficult to simply order it from another country. I guess, it would be best if you contacted medicare@uvex.de though – they should have all the answers about this shoe.

      Kind regards,
      Jürgen from the uvex safety team

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