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uvex i-3 add – the prescription safety spectacles that support protected vision

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Safety spectacles are an essential part of personal protective equipment (PPE) in many workplace environments. The fundamental requirement is that they meet all the relevant safety regulations, while at the same time being comfortable to wear. It is above all employees who suffer from long-sightedness, perhaps as a result of age-related presbyopia, who often have to make do with an uncomfortable compromise, such as wearing safety spectacles over the all-important reading glasses. With the uvex i-3 add, the uvex safety group has now developed safety spectacles that combine the flexible interchange between near and distance vision with exceptional wearer comfort and a stylish look.


uvex i-3 addWith optical correction of either +1.0 dpt or +2.0 dpt, this model makes it possible to increase efficiency and comfort at work quite noticeably. The integration of near and distance vision lenses means that it is no longer necessary to wear overspecs or change eyewear in areas requiring PPE, which significantly reduces the burden on those who have to wear safety eyewear for many hours of the day.

The “add” in the name is an abbreviation of addition and relates to the combination of close-up and distance vision. The key innovation is that the correction is invisibly incorporated into the lens. The lower area of the panorama lens supports corrected near vision, while the uncorrected upper area enables distance vision. Those who need to wear glasses can therefore easily switch between different distances.


uvex i-3 addThe patented injection moulding process is a core element of the uvex i-3 add manufacturing process. The lens prescription of either +1.0 dpt or +2.0 dpt is already integrated in the injection moulding process. This is a highly technical process, which demands precision to ensure that the uvex i-3 add is fit for purpose and provides fatigue-free vision. In order to guarantee the appropriate quality and accuracy within this process, various different parameters must be taken into account in the development of the lenses, such as how the volume of material changes in colder temperatures.


Comprehensive protection of the eyes can only be safeguarded if the eyewear covers the entire area around the eyes. It is also extremely important that transpiration is reliably reduced to a minimum to create a comfortable micro-climate between the lenses and eyes. To this end, the uvex anti-fog coating and excellent lens ventilation together make sure the wearer can see clearly at all times.

The various settings of the uvex i-3 add mean that it can be adjusted to fit different head and face shapes perfectly. The side arms and nose piece feature Softflex zones, which are made of skin friendly soft plastic, while the inclination of the flexible side arms means they can be adapted to suit different face shapes and sizes. By using soft, non-slip plastic materials in the areas where the eyewear comes into contact with skin, pressure points on the nose and forehead can be avoided and the spectacles fit perfectly. Wearers of the uvex i-3 add can also rest assured that high-quality series production is guaranteed through the Made in Germany seal.
uvex i-3 addSafety remains of paramount importance for uvex in the development of its protective eyewear. uvex’s internal standards far exceed those that are required for general certification in accordance with norms. The tests and controls in the uvex testing laboratory are integrated in the development phase and ensure that the standards of safety necessary for certification are fulfilled, so wearers can be safe in the knowledge that they are not being used as test subjects for uvex products. uvex i-3 add therefore provides the guarantee to companies that their employees are optimally protected in this aspect of safety at work. From the initial idea to the final eyewear product, the uvex safety group develops and manufactures its safety spectacles in-house. uvex protective eyewear clearly sets itself apart from cut-price suppliers in this sector with its diligent development work and high-quality series production processes. For uvex, keeping people from harm is given absolute priority. Any accident that occurs as a result of poor PPE quality is one accident too many. uvex cares about “protecting people”.


uvex hopes to remain your main port of call for all your safety eyewear needs. Feedback from those who use our products is therefore extremely helpful and the best way for us to devise new innovations and further optimise the quality of our existing products. If you have already experienced the uvex i-3 add for yourself, we would be delighted to hear from you. Please do contact us via this blog.

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  1. So if I try to eliminate all the fluffy words you are using to look technical: these are progressive lenses from plano to +2.00 diopters?

    Where are these for sale? I looked on amazon and on ebay and see nothing.


  2. Hola requiero información sobre gafas de seguridad polarizadas en color negro,como puedo adquirirlas y el costo gracias

  3. Buenos días.

    Necesitaría que me enviasen un presupuesto de las gafas:
    uvex i-3 safety spectacle
    Article ID: 9190.888 AR

    Muchas gracias.

    Un saludo

    1. Buenas tardes,

      muchas gracias por su interes en nuestras gafas.

      Nos podia consultar de que pais es usted?

      Atentamente y un saludo
      uvex safety team

  4. Buenos días.

    Por favor, necesitaría que me enviasen el presupuesto de las gafas que solicité el pasado 7 de abril.


    Un saludo

    1. Buenos dias.

      Hemos recibido sus contactos personales y los hemos
      pasado a nuestro distributor en Madrid.
      Ellos le contactaran a usted.

      Un saludo,
      uvex safety team

  5. retailers in nw usa? interested in i3, ivo; 1.5 bifocal. unable to find online retail for either.

    1. Hello,
      please find our answer in your private email inbox.
      Kind regards,
      uvex safety team


    1. Dear Dan,
      many thanks for your enquiry and interest in our products.
      Please be advised, that – due to existing trade mark right matters – we cannot ship our products to your country.
      Kind regards, uvex safety group

    2. Well that is unfortunate. I really like the idea of the progressive design because I wear contacts and have to read and use the computer at work. I can only find the ones that have the reader lens in them and then I cannot use the computer without changing glasses. I may just have to buy some prescription glasses at over 100.00 to use for work.

    1. Hey Jose!

      Thanks for your interest in our spectacles – but due to trademark restrictions we are currently unable to ship our products to the US.

      Kind regards,
      uvex safety team

  7. Hi,

    I am looking for otg blue light blocking safety glasses, use while on the computer.

    I have a pair of S1933X Skyper glasses, but my problem is that I need to wear reading glasses, and the are not for wearing over my glasses.

    I see you make a UVEX Super f otg, but can’t find them.

    Are these the same blue light blocking lenses like the S1933X Skyper’s ?

    If so; how can I get these (uvex super f otg)?

    Sincerely… bob

    1. Hey Bob!

      The Skyper glasses you’ve mentioned are not a uvex but a “uvex by honeywell” product. In fact, we don’t sell uvex safety spectacles (or other kinds of PPE) in North America at all – which, I guess, is the reason that you don’t find a source for our uvex super f spectacles.

      In case you are looking for a supplier in another region, please contact us at expertenblog@uvex.de.

      Jürgen from uvex safety team

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