uvex suXXeed – the success story behind our new workwear collection

Modern workwear inspired by the great outdoors. That was our approach when developing uvex suXXeed – a range to suit any activity, no matter whether for trade and industry. The particular focus of the new range is well thought-out functionality and a new stylistic design. The resulting products should captivate with a sporty design, but also on account of unusual material combinations and exciting colour contrasts.

From the outset, our intention was to design a unisex collection but, where appropriate, with different fits. We were inspired by a desire to move the trend away from blue workwear dungarees to colour-inspired streetwear.

So why not simply combine all the elements and produce a casual range? No sooner said, than done!

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The hazards associated with blue light – and how safety spectacles can help

Smartphone displays, computer monitors, TV screens – artificial sources of blue light are ever-present, both in our everyday working lives and in our private lives. This fact brings a whole range of health risks with it – from tired eyes to retinal diseases – and is confronting us as a society with new challenges. Let’s take a look at the properties and potential hazards associated with blue light, to help us understand what potential eye protection solutions might look like.

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uvex sportstyle-antireflet

Anti-reflective safety spectacle lenses as the solution to challenging light conditions

Safety spectacle lenses are usually coated to prevent fogging and/or scratching. An anti-fog coating is especially important for high humidity environments or physically demanding work, such as in the paper or food industries. For work involving high dust exposure, for example on construction sites, an effective scratch-resistant coating is necessary so that dirty lenses do not become scratched when they are cleaned. This improves the comfort of the person wearing the safety spectacles, allowing them to concentrate to the best of their ability on the most important thing – their work.

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PPE: saving lives from the hazard of electrical arcs

Fortunately, accident statistics reveal that electrical arc accidents are not all that common. However, if they do occur, electrical arcs can severely endanger the lives of people close by. Petra Brückner (Head of Product Development) and Susen Lemnitzer (Technical Project Manager), our protective clothing experts at uvex safety textiles in Ellefeld, Germany, recognise the risks involved and, crucially, know how to minimise them as well.

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The right lens tinting to see the wood for the trees

Light conditions in forestry are highly varied due to the changeable weather. For this reason, forest workers should not just wear traditional safety eyewear with transparent lenses, but instead make use of various tinted lenses.

In the report below, Professor Dr Bombosch presents the applications and benefits of tinted safety spectacles in forestry. The advantageous properties of specially tinted lenses are also useful for many other sectors and occupations in which similarly changeable light conditions change or poor lighting is common.

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uvex chemical expert system

uvex Chemical Expert System (CES)

Everyday work in industrial environments exposes employees to a wide range of different dangers, including cut injuries, burns and chemical burns. Particular attention is paid to chemical protection, because the possible hazards in this regard can cause irreversible damage, including fatality. The choice of appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) classified for Category 3 chemical protection areas and sound, well-informed advice from experts are therefore vital. Our uvex product experts are available to offer this consultation and support in person. In addition, an information system has been developed by experts for experts: the uvex Chemical Expert System (CES). It is an online tool which supports users in comprehensively analysing and optimising hand protection and protective clothing solutions at work. The CES allows you to find the appropriate individual protection solution for the handling of any chemicals that are used in your company. This is recorded in individual permeation lists as well as there being an option to create gloves plans for your company. The uvex gloves plan designer provides support in documenting the right safety gloves for every working environment. The Chemical Expert System can be accessed at any time anywhere in the world and is currently available in six different languages.

The uvex chemical system is separated in two parts: The chemical database for safety gloves and the goves plan designer


Part 1: Chemicals database
The chemicals database in the uvex Chemical Expert System (CES) offers a comprehensive choice of suitable safety gloves and protective clothing when dealing with hazardous materials. The free public area of the system provides access to a standard chemical list with more than 250 chemicals, while registered user (free registration required) can include more than 3,000 chemicals. In addition, there is the option of including customer-specific chemicals. Registered users also benefit from other premium functions such as creating and saving individual permeation lists as well as various search functions. It is also possible to allocate and select different uvex chemical protection safety gloves and protective clothing for your individual permeation lists. Of course, our uvex centre of expertise for safety gloves in Lüneburg and for disposable chemical protection clothing in Fürth are also available to deal with any questions.

Bild 079Part 2: Glove plan designer
The glove plan designer in the uvex Chemical Expert System (CES) makes it quick and easy to create glove plans to ensure high safety standards in your business. The high degree of customisation presents a diverse range of possibilities when creating a glove plan. Users can integrate their corporate logo in the glove plan and allocate product-specific material numbers and notes to the products. The individual design of workplace-specific information can be individually adapted and a PDF of the glove plan can be generated immediately on completion.  A new document can be created immediately for every adaptation to an existing glove plan. Individual glove plans can be changed online at any time and again, the uvex team of experts is of course on hand to help.

Advantages of uvex Chemical Expert System
By using the comprehensive database of tested chemicals, individual permeation lists can be quickly and easily created, simplifying the process of selecting the right chemical protection safety gloves and protective clothing for the particular hazard potential. Registering with the uvex Chemical Expert System creates an account which allows end users to benefit from premium functions such as customer-specific chemicals and independent creation of glove plans. A further advantage is the clear and easy operation when creating and managing glove plans. This tool is particularly user-friendly because of the availability of the uvex Chemical Expert System and the variety of languages.

  • Extensive database of tested chemicals
  • Individual creation of permeation
  • Easy selection of chemical protection safety gloves
  • Personal account with premium functions
  • Easily create and manage glove plans
  • High degree of glove plan customisation
  • Fast response time and available around the clock
  • Six different languages (Dutch, English, French, German, Hungarian and Turkish)


uvex – advisory and product expertise
This is where you can receive fast, straightforward technical support in selecting the correct safety gloves or protective clothing for working with chemicals.