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The difference between antistatic and ESD – a safety footwear exampleThe difference between antistatic and ESD – a safety… 25. September 2015 There is often confusion between the terms ESD and antistatic, and not just when it comes to safety footwear. While…
EN 374: Modified standard for chemical protective glovesEN 374: Modified standard for chemical protective gloves 14. March 2017 Chemical protective gloves must meet the requirements of European standard EN 374. This standard has now been modified substantially. These…
Why do shoe soles disintegrate?Why do shoe soles disintegrate? 29. April 2019 “What is the service life of safety shoes? And why does the sole disintegrate after a certain period of time?”…


Personal protective equipment and bird flu – what you need to know

On 14 November 2016 300,000 chickens from a poultry farm in Schleswig-Holstein had to be culled and disposed of due to an outbreak of bird flu.…

Diabetes and the uvex motion 3XL safety shoe

The number of people being diagnosed with diabetes is rising constantly. In Germany alone, it is estimated that around nine million people live with…

UPDATE: Our understanding of sustainability – explained using 5 infographics

„In ecology, sustainability is the capacity to endure; it is how biological systems remain diverse and productive indefinitely.“

Saving eyesight in Nepal – an uvex optician helps the poor

When Brigitte Nachtmann-Leitl travels to Nepal she doesn’t go in search of spiritual enlightenment, like so many others do. She doesn’t plan to…

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