Wie sicher ist sicher – Prüfverfahren bei uvex

How safe is safe? Behind the scenes at the testing laboratory in Ellefeld – part 2

Personal protective equipment should be one thing above all else: safe. However, how can we guarantee that uvex products actually fulfil the necessary safety criteria? By conducting extensive tests on the material.

Over the past few years we have continually expanded our textile testing laboratory at UVEX SAFETY Textiles in Ellefeld. In part 1 of this blog series you can gain an initial insight into our test equipment – now we also have equipment for testing flame protection in accordance with EN ISO 15025 and a blade cut tester to determine cut resistance in accordance with EN 388.

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Tough, tougher, textreme cut – cut protection made by uvex

Cuts on hands and lower arms represent the number one injury listed on accident statistics for the glass and metal processing industry. However, sophisticated materials as incorporated in the textreme cut-protection shirts offer a novel protection mechanism that successfully proofed itself to eliminate the primary injury risk as shown in the following case study.

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