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Ergonomics: getting ahead of the game

Megatrends like digitalisation or demographic change affect us all – on both a larger and smaller scale. But how will personal protective equipment (PPE), designed, for example, to protect the head and face, have to be adapted in order to rise to modern challenges? At the present moment, is focusing purely on protective function in keeping with the times or does protective equipment now also have to be sustainable, digital and ergonomic?


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Next Level Equipment – redefining performance with uvex i-performance

The uvex i-performance product system supports the natural movement of the human body, reducing pressure and stresses while also maximising comfort. Constant further development of our products is carried out on the basis of the latest physiological research and technology, thereby ensuring optimum performance with quantifiable product benefits.

uvex 9780 antistatic helmet



The new uvex 9780 antistatic helmet falls under this category and offers an unparalleled level of protection.  The merest spark can cause an explosion in environments which contain combustible gas, mist, vapours or dust clouds. It is therefore essential that employees are reliably protected against electrical discharge in many industrial workplaces. Specific danger areas where hazardous atmospheres mean that explosions are likely are divided into various zones.



The uvex 9780 antistatic is a helmet perfectly suited to being worn in explosive environments. It offers optimal protection for all danger groups and zones, in accordance with EN 60079 – 0 in connection with ATEX – guideline 94/9/EG.


What actually are explosive atmospheres and what do these zones mean?

As defined in the DSEAR, an explosive atmosphere is a mixture of dangerous substances with air, under atmospheric conditions, in the form of gases, vapours, mist or dust in which, after ignition has occurred, combustion spreads to the entire unburned mixture. When an atmosphere like this appears in dangerous quantities, meaning that certain safety measures must be implemented in order to maintain the protection of employees’ health and safety, then one can speak of a dangerous, explosive atmosphere.

These dangerous, explosive atmospheres are divided into fundamental zones (Zone 0, Zone 1, Zone 2, Zone 20, Zone 21, Zone 22 and Zone 23):-    Zone 0:   Danger zone in which an explosive atmosphere of gases, vapours or mist is present continuously or for long periods or frequently

  • Zone 1: Danger zone in which an explosive atmosphere of gases, vapours or mist is likely to occur in normal operation.
  • Zone 2: Danger zone in which an explosive atmosphere of gases, vapours or mist is not likely to occur in normal operation and if it occurs it will exist only for a short time
  • Zone 20: Danger zone in which an explosive atmosphere of dust  is continuously present or present for long periods
  • Zone 21: Danger zone in which an explosive atmosphere of dust  is likely to occur in normal operation
  • Zone 22: Danger zone in which an explosive atmosphere of dust is not likely to occur in normal operation and if it occurs it will exist only for a short time

(Zone 0 is the most hazardous danger zone in which explosive atmospheres are present)

So what causes explosions?

Explosions are caused when the right air to gas ratio occurring at the same time as an ignition source becomes active. In addition, explosives can be caused by fluids and solids if these are finely dispersed, again in an atmosphere in which the air ration and ignition source are conducive.

Explosions with dangerous effects can occur when the following conditions are present at the same time and place:

  • Flammable substance (concentration in air within the explosion arealimits and sufficiently finely dispersed)
  • Oxygen in sufficiently high concentration
  • Effective source of ignition with sufficient energy


If just one of these factors is missing, no explosion can occur.


action_9780_seitlich_706_300pxHow does the uvex 9780 antistatic helmet ensure electrostatic discharge?

The innovative material used to manufacture the uvex 9780 antistatic reduces ohmic resistance and deflects excess electrical discharge away safely and securely.

This is the first helmet on the market to provide employees with suitable protective headwear for working in closed containers and pipeline systems, as well as while equipping plants where flammable liquids can be found and explosive gases can build up (Zone O). Typical working environments include mining, the petrochemical industry and oil rigs, for example.





Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions on the uvex i-Performance product system.
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uvex i-performance: next level equipment

uvex stands for unparalleled innovation in the industrial health and safety sector. uvex will be presenting its uvex i-performance product range at the A+A 2013 trade fair this year, and in doing so will define just what modern industrial health and safety products can achieve. 

Like all great ideas, the uvex i-performance product range is effective in its simplicity: protective equipment is a must when performing intensive physical work, but it can often prove to be an additional burden on the wearer.

A new dimension in protection 

With the uvex i-performance range, uvex has significantly improved the performance of its personal protective equipment (PPE): the products deliver uvex’s typically high standard of protection whilst being optimised to ensure the equipment inhibits the wearer as little as possible and even supports certain movements. Ultimately, this reduces fatigue and allows wearers greater freedom of movement than other PPE.

Technology and comfort

uvex i-performance is not just a technical triumph. It is the next stage of the uvex 3D philosophy. The products are also completely adaptable, and the resultant added value for the wearer is clearer now than ever before.

Quantifiable benefits

The uvex i-performance range epitomises everything uvex and its products stand for: high levels of protection, the best standard of design, optimum quality, durability and, last but not least, a constant striving for improvement with clear, quantifiable added value for uvex customers. uvex i-performance products form a complete protection system from head to toe.


A new generation of products with many benefits

uvex i-3 AR provides optimum glare protection

The development team in the safety eyewear segment is inspired by the ergonomics and comfort specifications of uvex i-performance to create optimum glare protection: With an anti- reflective coating on both sides, the uvex i-3 AR achieves a transmission factor of more than 96.5% and thereby effectively prevents distracting reflections which occur from brightly lit displays.


uvex RX goggle: the first wide-vision goggles with prescription lenses. In contrast to standard solutions with overspecs or prescription inserts, the transmission factor of these goggles is up to 18% higher so optical aberrations are avoided.

The ingenious 360° ventilation of the uvex silv-Air eco respirator prevents fogging of eyewear on exhalation. Ergonomic design has also made hearing protection even better: uvex xact-band effectively prevents noise exposure. Sound absorbers integrated in the headband noticeably reduce potential sound interference that may result from the headband coming into contact with clothing.


Protection and Comfort through high tech materials

uvex 1 safety footwear is the perfect combination of protection, comfort and design: the consistent lightweight construction principle relieves strain for the wearer.

Reduced strain on the musculoskeletal system: uvex 1 safety footwear

The background: every gram less reduces the negative impact on the entire musculoskeletal system and fatigue. This effect is reinforced by energy absorption in the heel being twice that required by EN ISO 20345. uvex 1 safety footwear is a winning design and was presented with the Red Dot design award 2013.



Improved dexterity: uvex phynomic XG

With the uvex phynomic XG, the safety gloves product group has developed a glove that offers natural touch sensation and the best oil grip in its class. This model is particularly suitable for precision work when handling slightly oily objects. It is extremely durable due to its abrasion resistance, which is eight times higher than the norm.




uvex i-performance: redefining performance 

A new dimension in comfort: uvex textreme performance multifunctional protective jacket

Through a new combination of materials, the weight of the uvex textreme performance multifunctional protective jacket is 30% lower than that of comparable products in this protection class.An ergonomic design ensures maximum freedom of movement. At the same time, the breathable material improves wearer comfort.


Protection in all danger zones: uvex pheos antistatic


Additional innovations round off the uvex i-performance product range: uvex pheos antistatic is the first antistatic industrial safety helmet that is suitable for use in all danger zones whilst also providing optimal comfort.





The future starts now

Following an intensive development and testing phase, uvex i-performance products are being launched on the market to coincide with the A+A 2013. This range exemplifies what industrial safety products can achieve by pushing the boundaries of technical capabilities and putting the sole focus on making them work for the user. This is the start of protecting people in a new dimension.