Fallstudie DB Schenker uvex active flash

Case study: visibility means safety – DB Schenker tests active hi-vis protection from uvex

When it comes to protective clothing, adverse weather conditions are always a challenge. In many cases, however, it’s not only a question of keeping wearers warm and dry, they must also be visible at all times, especially in difficult lighting conditions. The uvex protection flash hi-vis collection is primarily designed for construction environments and road traffic logistics and relies on bright reflective stripes, highly fluorescent outer material and a self-luminous feature. As part of a pilot project, logistics service provider DB Schenker put this collection through its paces.

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uvex suXXeed – the success story behind our new workwear collection

Modern workwear inspired by the great outdoors. That was our approach when developing uvex suXXeed – a range to suit any activity, no matter whether for trade and industry. The particular focus of the new range is well thought-out functionality and a new stylistic design. The resulting products should captivate with a sporty design, but also on account of unusual material combinations and exciting colour contrasts.

From the outset, our intention was to design a unisex collection but, where appropriate, with different fits. We were inspired by a desire to move the trend away from blue workwear dungarees to colour-inspired streetwear.

So why not simply combine all the elements and produce a casual range? No sooner said, than done!

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“Colourful PPE” (part 1 of 3): What is the significance of colours in PPE – how do they help make working life easier?

Blue, green, yellow, red, white and orange. These are just a few of the colours in which personal protection equipment (PPE) is available. But have you ever asked yourself if this is purely a question of design, or whether there is more to it? Colours are not just decoration! They affect our daily lives far more than we might think.

In this, the first of three blogs devoted to the subject of “colours”, we deal primarily with the issue of the roles played by colours in PPE. In our forthcoming blogs we also examine the legal provisions and the psychological and fashion aspects of colour. We’re sure you must be very excited!

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Wie sicher ist sicher – Prüfverfahren bei uvex

How safe is safe? Behind the scenes at the testing laboratory in Ellefeld – part 2

Personal protective equipment should be one thing above all else: safe. However, how can we guarantee that uvex products actually fulfil the necessary safety criteria? By conducting extensive tests on the material.

Over the past few years we have continually expanded our textile testing laboratory at UVEX SAFETY Textiles in Ellefeld. In part 1 of this blog series you can gain an initial insight into our test equipment – now we also have equipment for testing flame protection in accordance with EN ISO 15025 and a blade cut tester to determine cut resistance in accordance with EN 388.

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Homestory #8: Geocaching

Their lives are filled with adventure, DIY, crafts and building, but also saving the day. They rise to the challenge and are always totally committed. Aside from the inherent risks they face professionally, these everyday heroes open themselves up to other dangers away from their jobs, which should not be underestimated. That they remain relaxed and focused as they achieve excellent results is down to their exceptional equipment. They place their trust in uvex safety products. Our home stories allow people to share their experiences with their favourite uvex products in unique fields of application. Episode #8 of our homestories is about geocaching.


To the uninitiated – also known as “muggles” by those in the loop –geocaching usually gives rise to the idea of a couple of wacky old characters looking for Tupperware pots in the woods. That may not be completely untrue, but geocaching is becoming increasingly popular and there is, in fact, much more to it than that. In this interview, our colleague Jürgen K. explains why he thinks that geocaching is a mixture of extreme sport, family activity, puzzle and adventure.

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PPE: saving lives from the hazard of electrical arcs

Fortunately, accident statistics reveal that electrical arc accidents are not all that common. However, if they do occur, electrical arcs can severely endanger the lives of people close by. Petra Brückner (Head of Product Development) and Susen Lemnitzer (Technical Project Manager), our protective clothing experts at uvex safety textiles in Ellefeld, Germany, recognise the risks involved and, crucially, know how to minimise them as well.

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