uvex Ausbildung – und nun?

So you’ve finished your training – what next? Life after training at uvex.

The German Chamber of Industry and Commerce reports that in 2017 a total of 268,918 trainee final exams were passed – but not many newly qualified trainees actually have a plan for their post-training career. At uvex, however, most of our trainees have a very clear idea of where they are going from very early on – thanks to excellent prospects of permanent employment and high-quality training, all our trainees have already found a department to take them on.

We spoke with three former uvex trainees and one soon-to-be former trainee about their traineeship experience and, in particular, about how they found/are finding the transition to permanent employment.

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Saving eyesight in Nepal – an uvex optician helps the poor

When Brigitte Nachtmann-Leitl travels to Nepal she doesn’t go in search of spiritual enlightenment, like so many others do. She doesn’t plan to conquer nearby Mount Everest either. Instead, the qualified optician spends the majority of her annual holidays 6,000 kilometres from home in order to pass on her knowledge about glasses, eyes and sight to locals who are eager to learn.


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uvex Reinhard Mueller Sterntaler

uvex retiree cycles for a good cause

At uvex, we are all striving towards our common goal of protecting people, whether in their free time or at work. Real people are behind every pair of safety spectacles, every pair of safety footwear and every pair of earplugs. These are people who have worked with commitment and passion day in, day out, to make uvex what it is today – and that has been the case for more than 90 years now.

The key to our success is firmly in the hands of our employees – and we intend to put them in the limelight in a series of blogs: “Business is people”


Our former field agent employee Reinhard Müller embodies our “Business is people” ideology like no other: he worked with great dedication to ensure the safety of our customers over a 25 year period. His passion and warmth meant that friendships were established on the back of his work. These friendships have stood the test of time, as strong today as ever before, even if Mr Müller has been retired for two years now. He explains: “Each year a few of us meet up together for a barbecue or a walk in the country.” These days, Reinhard dedicates his time to improving the lives of vulnerable people and has recently initiated a fundraising campaign to support seriously ill children and their families.

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We take responsibility: protecting people and the environment


As a family-run company, we take a long-term view and the issue of sustainability is always, has always been and will always be a high priority for us. Products which touch the skin, such as fabrics, must fulfil extremely stringent criteria which not only exceed EU directives, but set new standards in environmental friendliness. The fundamental principle behind sustainability is to add value throughout the supply chain. Consequently, commitment to sustainability is playing an ever greater role in product development, in particular. Collection 26 was developed on the basis of these requirements. The main components of the models comprise materials made of recycled polyester and organic cotton, supplemented by parts made from recycled polyester.

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