The applications of lasers are mainly based on the possibility of strong focussing and the high power density of the laser light. Also In medicine the variety of laser applications is rapidly growing  and so the protection of the patient and his eyes with the help of patient eyewear is becoming increasingly important. In this blog post we discover the latest innovations in the field of laser patient protection from laservision with the new Titanium Premium Line.

Titanium patient spectacles

With the new family of the Premium-Line, the three titanium patient eyewear , the laservision patient protection product portfolio for medical laser treatments has been significantly expanded. In addition to the high laser resistance, the titanium eye caps are nickel-free (nickel discharge tested according to EN 11885: 2009-09) and have immunological neutrality. They can be sterilized and autoclaved.

The following three variants are offered in the Titanium Premium Line:

The classic P11 with a fixed but flexible titanium temple

titanium patient eyewear P11

The standard model P11 of the Titanium Premium Line has a fixed, flexible nose bridge. The eye caps are cased by silicone rings (A99SRING) ensuring a high level of comfort for the patient and improved hygiene conditions as well. The easy-to-attach headband is also lashed on the side, which means a comfortable and pressure-free fit for the patient, even during a long treatment course.

The special P12 with one-hand length adjustable titanium temple

titanium patient eyewear P12

The top model P12 of the Titan Premium Line has a one-hand length adjustable titanium temple, which ensures maximum flexibility and very easy use. The eye caps are the same for all models and have a particularly good fit. The eye caps are also cased by silicone rings (A99SRing) which guarantees a soft, perfect and secure fit as well as a high standard of hygiene.

The innovative P13 caps for close working to the eye without restrictions

titanium eye caps

The eye caps allow individual flexibility and are used without a nose bridge or headband. Both caps are identical and have easily exchangeable silicone rings (A99SRING) also. These rings can be reordered as spare parts in 25 pairs and ensure a soft and comfortable fit. The permanently mounted applicator, which is also made of titanium, allows to put the caps on and off quick and easy.

The easily exchangeable silicone rings, which are compatible with all titanium patient glasses from laservision, ensure a high level of hygiene in the practice, especially in the current pandemic situation, as well as a high level of comfort. The silicone rings prevent direct contact between skin and metal and create a warm and comfortable fit.

You can find more information on laser safety patient eyewear from laservision on the website.

uvex laservision website

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