Professional service, individual support

Know-how from professionals, for professionals.
When you choose uvex, you’re choosing to work with an experienced and reliable PPE partner. We pride ourselves on our understanding of the construction industry and in turn offer first-class industrial safety products – products that you can rely on that not only keep your employees safe but also optimise productivity.

Our focus – your construction project.
Our occupational safety experts can provide expert advice to help you select the right PPE for your needs. uvex profisystem construction is a complete industrial safety system from a single source – tailored to your company’s needs.


Product system

  • On-site Application Assessment
  • Product Sampling and Wearer Trials
  • Chemical Expert System – Safety Gloves
  • Personal support
  • Online Question and Answer


Covering the areas of:

  • Safety Glasses
  • Head Protection
  • Protective Clothing


  • In-house seminars or training at the uvex academy in Fürth
  • Customised Training Programmes
  • Best Practice Workshop
  • Product Implementation Plan
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