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Problems at computer workstations

The positioning of screen, keyboard and printed documents at office workstations can cause vision-related problems. To be able to focus continuously at different distances, spectacle wearers are forced to adopt an unnatural head and body position. This can lead to all kinds of posture-related complaints.

As you become older, it becomes increasingly difficult for the lens within the eye to adjust to various distances. In particular, working in front of a VDU or performing other activities that involve alternating between different distances causes fatigue as a result of the constant strain on the eye.

VDU spectacles by uvex with Nahcomfort technology offer an attractive solution to this problem.

uvex offers different frames for VDU spectacles. Many models are available with metal, plastic or titanium frames. All plastic lenses have a scratch-resistant coating.

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Varifocal lenses

Varifocal lenses are designed to give the wearer focused vision from 40 cm onwards. However, to see the computer screen clearly through the middle and lower areas of the lens, the wearer has to change their normal head posture and hold their head at an unusually high angle. This can result in permanent straining of the shoulder and neck muscles.

Single-vision lenses

Single-vision lenses, as used in standard reading glasses, enable the wearer to see clearly at a normal reading distance of between 30 cm and 40 cm, which is the ideal distance for keyboards or printed documents.

However, if an employee also wishes to see the computer screen and the surrounding area clearly, it is necessary to lower the head and look over the top of the reading glasses. This unnatural head posture puts a severe strain on the shoulder and neck muscles.

Nahcomfort lenses

Nahcomfort lenses are specially designed to suit computer-based workplaces and provide unrestricted vision at VDU workstations. Advantages of VDU spectacles with Nahcomfort lenses:

  • Seamlessly sharp vision at distances from 30 cm to approx. 2 m
  • Clear view of keyboard, screen and printed documents with ideal head position
  • Significant reduction in posture-related complaints, as head and neck remain in a natural position

Plastic frames – uvex VDU spectacles

Metal frames – uvex VDU spectacles

Titanium frames & nylor frames – uvex VDU spectacles

Nahcomfort lenses by uvex

Nahcomfort lenses are ideal for employees who need to work at distances of between 30 cm and approx. 2 m. Thanks to their specific design, they enable trouble-free vision in the required areas.

Lens design
  • In the lower area there is the usual close correction, the so-called reading prescription
  • The prescription gradually becomes weaker further up the lens; in the upper part of the lens, vision is clear at a maximum of approx. 2 m.
  • The transitions between the areas are continuous, similar to the varifocal lens
Advantages of Nahcomfort lenses
  • Seamlessly sharp vision at distances of approx. 30 cm to 2 m (the distance is a guideline and may vary depending on the prescription)
  • A more comfortable field of vision in the individual zones in comparison with varifocal lenses
  • Supports the natural position of the head at the workstation, helping to reduce posture-related complaints, such as tension in the neck muscles
Lens material/style

Nahcomfort Standard:

Choice of CR 39 or silicate

Nahcomfort Optima:

Optimised design of the vision zones, very comfortable style, available in CR 39, HI 1.6, HI 1.67 or HI 1.67

Lens type

When selecting the lens type, the wearer’s required reading “addition” (reading prescription) and/or the “degression” (reduction of the reading prescription towards the top of the lens) is taken into account. Alternatively, the age of the wearer can be used as a point of reference.

Please specify lens type, material and desired model when ordering.

Degression0,75 dpt.1,25 dpt.1,75 dpr.
Addition< 1,5 dpt.1,75 bis 2,25 dpt.> 2,25 dpt.
- Alternativeage
< 50 years
< 50-55 years
> 55 years


Anti-reflective coating

Anti-reflective coating

We recommend anti-reflective lenses for work at a VDU. An anti-reflective metal oxide coating is applied, which ensures a significant reduction in reflections on both sides of the lens. This increases the amount of light coming through the lens and clarity of vision is improved. Visual discomfort as a result of reflections is reduced.

Normal anti-reflective coating:

  • Good reduction of reflections
  • One layer of vapour-deposited metal oxide per surface
  • Residual reflection ≈ 4%

Super anti-reflective coating:

  • Maximum reduction of reflections
  • Several layers of vapour-deposited metal oxide per surface
  • Residual reflection < 2%
UV blue

The surface of the uvex UV blue coating consists of multiple layers and includes a layer that provides enhanced filtration of short-wave visible light in the blue-violet range.

This provides effective protection against the symptoms of fatigue and headaches associated predominantly with long periods of working at a monitor and/or with digital media. The uvex UV blue layer system also always includes a super anti-reflective coating and a scratch-resistant coating.



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uvex sportstyle RX – prescription sports glasses

uvex sportstyle RX frames are equipped with high-definition (HD) prescription lenses with the latest free-form technology for optimum visual comfort. These lenses made of polycarbonate or Trivex™ guarantee the highest level of protection and maximum performance for a wide range of sports.

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