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Noise-induced hearing loss is still one of the most common occupational hazards. It is usually gradual and painless. The risk of hearing damage and the need to protect hearing is often only recognised when it is too late. Only those who suffer from hearing loss really understand just how essential a good sense of hearing is and that protecting it should be a top priority.

Constant noise in the workplace creates stress, although some employees may only be subconsciously aware of it. Stressful situations represent an additional source of risk and can lead to a reduced ability to concentrate, which may negatively affect productivity. uvex high-fit hearing protection otoplastics are custom-made, using an impression of the individual’s ear canal. A perfect, pressure-free fit in the ear canal ensures the optimum level of wearer comfort.

The otoplastics’ contact with the outer ear is limited, preventing irritation resulting from dust and/or sweat. A capillary tube ensures adequate ventilation of the auditory canal to relieve any pressure build-up or the risk of not hearing critical messages or instructions.

uvex high-fit otoplastics are equipped with a filter, which can be selected according to the prevailing noise situation in the workplace. All products and protection levels are tested and certified according to EN 352-2. In a risk assessment carried out by an employers’ liability insurance association, hearing protection products can be categorised as particularly well-suited to use in specific areas of application.

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Ear impressions taken on site

Impression taken on site

The individual production of tailor-made hearing protection otoplastics requires an impression of the auditory canal. uvex staff, or personnel authorised to take the impressions on behalf of uvex, have been specially trained by expert audiologists. Attendance at annual refresher courses incorporating a practical module is mandatory. Procedure for taking the impression:

  • Taking of medical history and provision of information on hearing protection
  • Examination of the ear canal using an otoscope
  • Placement of the tamponade, filling of the ear canal with impression material -
  • Taking of the impression
  • Final check of the ear canal using an otoscop

For customised products, it is particularly important to be able to offer customers a quick, professional service. In addition to personal on-site service by our specialists, uvex has expert partners throughout Germany in acoustic hearing aid clinics to ensure a flexible service. There are many ways to obtain customised uvex hearing protection products. We’re happy to help you find the perfect solution for your company. Please contact us.



Functional testing

Functional testing of the uvex hearing protection otoplasti

In their prevention guide “Using hearing protection otoplastics”, the DGUV (German Social Accident Insurance) specifies that a professional functional test must be carried out before otoplastics are first used. A regular check every three years is recommended to ensure the otoplastics offer the intended level of protection.

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To arrange functional testing for your uvex high-fit otoplastics, please speak to your uvex contact directly. You can contact our internal otoplastics consultancy team free of charge within Germany:

Phone: 0800 8839686
Fax: 0800 6644895

For Austria:

Phone: +49 911 9736-1433
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uvex high-fit duro active

The uvex high-fit duro active is a new product developed specifically for people working in very noisy environments that still require communication, regardless of their hearing ability. For people with hearing difficulties, the system can be adapted and tailored to meet their level of hearing impairment.

For example, the system can be adapted to the needs of people with existing hearing loss. An electronic, active hearing protection system with a fully digital high-tech amplifier that uses finely tuned and highly sensitive microphones to provide the best directional and optimal ambient hearing. The combination of customised hearing protection together with our finely controlled amplifier technology ensures the highest level of hearing protection. This means that the uvex high-fit duro active can confidently be used up to an exposure level of 112 dB(A).

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Benefit from the occupation safety premium from the BG BAU for individual personal protective equipment (PPE)

With its occupational safety premium, the Berufsgenossenschaft der Bauwirtschaft (Professional Association of the Construction Industry, BG BAU) promotes occupational safety and protects health in business operations throughout the construction sector. As a member of the BG BAU, you can save money by applying for the occupational safety premium for selected hearing protection otoplastics and customised prescription safety spectacles.

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Our close-knit network of highly qualified optics, acoustics and orthopaedics experts ensures the availability of first-rate uvex quality of care in your area. You can therefore always rely on short supply routes, perfectly fitted individual personal protective equipment products and optimal protection.

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uvex sportstyle RX – prescription sports glasses

uvex sportstyle RX frames are equipped with high-definition (HD) prescription lenses with the latest free-form technology for optimum visual comfort. These lenses made of polycarbonate or Trivex™ guarantee the highest level of protection and maximum performance for a wide range of sports.

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Individual personal protective equipment training at the uvex academy

Our uvex academy seminars will enable participants to act as a competent representative within the company for individual personal protective equipment right through to fitting.

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