Safety Helmets

Every activity is different, every movement poses an individual risk – in order to cater for the complexity of metalworking, we offer personal protective equipment specifically tailored to your segment and work with the uvex professional metal processing system.

uvex pheos B safety helmetlong peak; -30 °C, MMuvex pheos B safety helmet
uvex pheos B-WR safety helmetcontinuous width adjustment; long peak; -30 °C, MMuvex pheos B-WR safety helmet
uvex pheos S-KR safety helmetchin strap; continuous width adjustmentuvex pheos S-KR safety helmet
uvex pheos alpine safety helmetwork protection and climbing helmet; continuous width adjustment; short peak; -30 °Cuvex pheos alpine safety helmet
uvex u-cap sport bump capintegrated hard shell; long peakuvex u-cap sport bump cap
uvex pheos visorvarious visors for uvex pheos uvex pheos visor
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