Stay cool in the summer heat with uvex safety

Prepare yourself for the coming months with our selection of PPE designed with summer in mind. Reliable UV protection from our tinted safety glasses and specially selected breathable fabrics used in our safety gloves and safety shoes means we can protect you from head to toe. Our range of breathable PPE will help keep your hands and feet cool and your mind on the job.

Safety glasses for the summer

The requirements of reliable eye protection are extremely varied, especially in the summer months. Users require protection against harmful UV rays, lenses that don't fog up even when performing strenuous activities and tinted lenses to decrease strain on the eyes from bright sunlight.

If the lens of the eye is exposed to ultraviolet light for too long, it can lose its transparency, potentially leading to visual impairment or vision loss. Safety eyewear lenses in accordance with EN 170 therefore meet performance requirements to protect the eye from ultraviolet radiation during hazardous activities. All uvex spectacles with polycarbonate lenses offer UV 400 protection, meaning that they satisfy extremely stringent protection criteria.

All uvex spectacles with polycarbonate lenses offer UV 400 protection

What lens tint do you need in bright sunlight?

Both working environments and the British weather vary greatly, so you need to choose the tint of your safety spectacles accordingly. Do you need 23% grey or would a brown tint be more suitable? What exactly do yellow tints do? Or do you work in changing light conditions, where silver mirror lenses are more suitable? Our online lens tinting advisor can help you decide what lens tint is right for you.

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uvex 1 perforated is a breathable safety shoe for summer

Breathable safety footwear

Keeping our feet cool in hot weather sometimes seems an impossible task, especially when we consider our feet produce enough sweat during intense physical activity to fill an entire glass of water over the course of a day! uvex safety shoes are specifically designed to draw excess heat and moisture away from the feet and allow this to evaporate, providing all-day comfort and the perfect foot climate at all times, even at high temperatures.

uvex climazone technology enables you to carry out your work with as few restrictions as possible — regardless of high outdoor temperatures. The innovative head-to-toe climate control system functions like the body's own climatic system so that deviations from the individual climate are balanced. Excess warmth and moisture are effectively removed so that the body temperature remains at a consistently comfortable level.

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uvex 1 shoes feature uvex climazone

uvex gloves are suitable for working in hot working

Safety gloves that let your hands breathe

Our hands have 375 sweat glands per square centimetre on the palms and the insides of the fingers, and around another 200 on the back of the hand, nowhere else on the human body has more glands. These are particularly active in the summer which is why, in order to offer hand protection with reliable grip, we have developed the uvex climazone hand-climate management system, which wicks away the moisture.

Innovative coating technologies, cutting-edge materials and unique ventilation solutions ensure high product quality and wearer acceptance. The material's breathability, ventilated design and high moisture retention create real comfort and keep hands dry and protected.

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uvex climazone hand climate management

Workwear and safety clothing for the summer season

Want fashionable clothes that are pleasant to work in even on hot summer days — and look good to boot? No problem! uvex suXXeed is workwear you'll want to keep wearing even after you finish work. Comfortable, stylish, ready for summer.

uvex perfeXXion comes in a wide range of colours and boasts robust characteristics. This makes it ideal for manual labourers working in gardening or landscaping, as well as those in woodworking companies.

And for optimum safety as the sun goes down, we recommend the uvex protection active flash collection. Light-up jackets and vests with fibre-optic cables from OSRAM® will keep you highly visible even on warm summer nights.

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self-illuminating safety clothing protects you in the dark

Active protection thanks to the integrated light guide system

Conspicuous at night, and a sporty eye-catcher by day.

The high-visibility clothing from the uvex protection flash collection uses bright reflective strips. And some models even light up independently. This is thanks to the innovative light guide system, developed together with OSRAM®.

Self-illuminating safety clothing from uvex

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