uvex 1 sport – metal-free safety and business shoes for the entire day

uvex 1 sport safety shoes: pure athleticism meets lifestyle – combined with outstanding safety. Award-winning design and a sense of stylish ease blur the boundaries between the worlds of work and leisure. Featuring youthful colours, the uvex 1 sport in protection classes S1, S1 P and S3 will escort you through your day with ease and safety.


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Are you a trader or company and would like to purchase uvex 1 sport safety shoes directly from us online? Then use the following link to access the model overview in our uvex online shop for B2B customers. Once you have registered, you can place an order straightaway.


... or from one of our premium partners!

B2B customers (traders/companies) can also obtain uvex 1 sport safety shoes from online shops or by placing a direct request with selected uvex premium partners.

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Private customers, take a look here!

Are you a private customer who would like to purchase a pair of shoes from our uvex 1 sport series to wear while doing DIY or gardening, for example? Then you can also purchase our sporty safety shoes quickly and conveniently from one of our Amazon retail partners.

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