Workers who are exposed to hazardous chemicals or biological substances on an almost daily basis during the course of their work require first-class protection that is specially designed to cope with the conditions and potential hazardous substances the wearer may be exposed to. The type of hazardous substance, as well as the degree and duration of exposure, are the key factors that determine which protective clothing is required. However, the proper use of the clothing – particularly the methods used to put on and remove the garments – is also of critical importance. Read on to find out all you need to know about disposable coveralls.

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How to select the right size in disposable coveralls

To ensure an optimum fit and keep the wearer safe when working with hazardous substances, uvex disposable coveralls are available in multiple sizes. However, the correct size may not be the same as your usual clothing size. Use the following overview to find the correct size based on your height and chest circumference.

164-170 cm84-92 cmS
170-176 cm92-100 cmM
176-182 cm100-108 cmL
182-188 cm108-116 cmXL
188-194 cm116-124 cmXXL
194-200 cm124-132 cmXXXL

Putting on and removing disposable coveralls

To ensure that your disposable coveralls deliver their full protective effect, it is important to put them on and take them off correctly. Certain steps must be performed in a defined order, and others may require the help of an assistant. We explain the steps to follow below.

Type 5/6

Type 3B: Putting on

Type 3B: Taking off

Putting on the PPE:

Before putting on the coveralls, check them for any defects such as open seams, zip damage or other faults that could impair the protective effect of the garment.

  • Remove jewellery and watches
  • Step into the coveralls and zip up to the hips
  • Put on your boots
  • Put on your respirator and ensure that the seal is tight
  • Put on your safety glasses
  • Pull the hood of the coveralls over your head
  • Zip up the garment all the way to the top
  • Press the tab into place to cover your chin and the zip fastener
  • Put on your safety gloves and pull up over the sleeves
  • Check that the coveralls will not tear even if you stretch or squat down

Removing the PPE:

  • Disinfect your safety gloves
  • Put the hood down
  • Peel the coveralls off over the shoulders and down to hip height, ensuring that the inside of the coveralls is on the outside. At the same time, pull your arms out of the sleeves (assisted by a second person wearing safety gloves and respiratory protection if required)
  • As you peel off the lower half of the coveralls, the boots are pulled off
  • Peel off the safety gloves, ensuring that the inside of the gloves ends up on the outside
  • Remove your spectacles by pushing forwards from the back of your head
  • Remove your respirator in the same way
  • Disinfect your hands and then thoroughly wash your hands, face and any other potentially contaminated areas of skin using water and a disinfecting wash

Instructions for putting on and taking off Type 3B (PDF)

Instructions for putting on and taking off Type 5/6 (PDF)

Selecting the right chemical protection clothing

In order to select appropriate chemical protection clothing for a specific application within your business, it is important to have your coveralls tested by a trained safety officer. Many chemicals can cause serious or irreversible injury to workers if they are not adequately protected. For this reason, chemical protection clothing must be chosen with the greatest care.

Please note: It is the responsibility of the user to decide which product is most suitable for the intended application. Under no circumstances can uvex accept responsibility for the incorrect application and use of these products.

Download – PDF, 2.2 MB
Download – PDF, 2.2 MB

How to handle uvex disposable coveralls correctly

uvex disposable protective clothing must be stored in its original packaging, protected from light and in a dry environment, at a temperature of between 15°C and 25°C.

After use, the garments must be disposed of in accordance with the applicable legal regulations.

Washing disposable coveralls
Disposable coveralls are intended as single-use garments and must not be washed.

Storage life
We recommend that the product is used within five years of the production date indicated on the label.


Technical data sheet

The technical data sheets contain detailed information on the intended applications of the products, precise descriptions of the material properties and comprehensive product descriptions.

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