Occupational health – individually-fitted PPE

People with individual health needs have very special requirements for personal protective equipment. Together with our partners, we meet these requirements with prescription safety spectacles, otoplastics and orthopaedic safety footwear – the rights solutions for the perfect fit.

Personal protective equipment – additional information

Investing in PPE which is made with a specific application in mind – customised protective eyewear, hearing protection or protective footwear – ensures that the personal protective equipment fits perfectly as well as offering optimum wearer comfort, meaning wearers will actively enjoy using the product. Additionally, we also cater to individual needs, for example with shoes which offer a high level of comfort for wide feet or for medical issues such as diabetes. PPE from uvex is adapted to your employees’ requirements through collaborating with specialist optometrists, orthopaedic specialists and qualified experts.

uvex motion 3XL

Here you can learn more about uvex motion 3XL safety footwear, which offers the right solution for several individual problems with its unique shape and high protective cap. Available as both a shoe and a boot.

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uvex RX iPad app

This virtual adviser helps wearers of safety eyewear who require spectacles with corrective vision to find the perfect product. Among other things, the iPad app demonstrates the impact that various filters and types of glass can have, as well as revealing how resilient your new protective glasses are.

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Orthopaedic orders

Employees with illnesses affecting the feet are often not able to wear standard safety footwear, but they also are not allowed to use their own insoles anymore (Revision to DGUV-Regel [German Social Accident Insurance regulation] 112-191). Employers must make provisions for this.

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