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uvex RX 3103 VDU spectacles

Article number: 6110018

  • VDU spectacles (CANNOT be used as industrial eye protection in accordance with EN 166)
  • Metal frame
  • Half-moon glasses

uvex VDU spectacles

The positioning of screens, keyboards and reading materials at office workstations presents very particular visual demands. To be able to focus continuously at different distances, spectacle wearers are forced to adopt an unnatural head position and body posture. This is why VDU spectacles are ideal for offices and many other workplaces where employees are not required to wear safety spectacles. The specifications of the spectacles can be adjusted to the meet the visual demands of the workplace.

General features

  • 50 mm lens diameter, 20 mm bridge width
  • Sprung hinges

Specifications uvex RX 3103 VDU spectacles

Attribute Value
Womens/Mens Womens, Mens
Product type VDU glasses
Frame type full-frame, Half-eye frame glasses
Material Metal
Colour Gunmetal grey
Frame eye size 50 mm
Bridge width 20 mm
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