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uvex high-fit u-cut com4 otoplastic

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  • available in filter strengths: SNR 15 dB, 20 dB, 26 dB
  • ear canal shape without handlingbar
  • soft silicone material (dermatologically tested)

uvex high-fit u-cut com4- comfort hearing protection otoplastic

The uvex u-cut otoplastic provides a further noticeable boost to wearer comfort and improves the perception of sound due to the innovative design. The otoplastik is even more flexible and also more lightweight while keeping the same high insulating performance.

General features

  • ear canal shape without handling bar
  • soft silicone material (dermatologically tested)
  • color: transparent

Safety features

  • meets standard EN 352-2
  • with anti-bacterial-coating
  • available in different filter strengths

Comfort features

  • high flexible shape to follow jaw movements
  • due to the unique design, this otoplastic is softer, lighter and more flexible for a high wearing comfort


  • working areas without noise like shared office spaces
  • wellsuited for sleeping, flying, phone calls, concerts and other spare time activities

available variants

  • 6170315: SNR 15 dB
  • 6170320: SNR 20 dB
  • 6170326: SNR 26 dB; additional labelling: S,W,E (2)


(Meaning of additional IDs:
  S: Signal hearing in railway track superstructure construction
  W: Warning signal hearing, general
  V: Signal hearing in road traffic
  E: Signal hearing for locomotive drivers in railway operations)

Please note that the 15 dB version is not suitable or certified for use in designated noise areas.


Product data sheet

Specifications uvex high-fit u-cut com4 otoplastic

Attribute Value
Product type otoplastic
Product family uvex high-fit u-cut
Standards EN 352-2
Additional requirements (DIN EN 352) S – signal hearing in railway track superstructure construction, E2 - well suited, W – alarm signal hearing, general, E – signal hearing for train drivers and shunter locomotive drivers on the railways
Insulation value (SNR) 15 dB, 20 dB, 26 dB
Material Silicone
Colour Clear
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