uvex heat shell jacket

article number: 17159

  • certified heat and flame protection, plus maximum arc flash protection and weld protection
  • excellent all-round protection
  • electrostatic discharge
  • obvious reflex applications
  • colour: grey

uvex heat shell jacket – low heat stress and optimum safety against thermal hazards

The innovative uvex heat shell protective clothing provides optimum protection against heat and flames (e.g. from arc flashes) whilst simultaneously offering excellent comfort – including over long periods. The low weight of the textiles and the exclusive, breathable heat shell material provide for outstanding values in the discharge test of the uvex i-gonomics product system.


General features

  • especially lightweight jacket with outstanding all-round heat protection
  • front closure flap with doubly concealed zip and additional velcro fastener, a breast pocket with zip, internal pocket (right), two side pockets with zip
  • available sizes: 40/42 to 64/66, 90/94 to 106/110
  • colour: grey
  • material: exterior: 75 % cotton, 24 % polyester, 1 % carbon with permanently flame-retardant finish; lining: 85 % viscose FR, 15 % para-aramid with inherently flame-retardant finish (surface weight: approx. 450 g/m²)

Protection features

  • certified class 2 arc-fault protection (in conjunction with EN 61482-1-2:2007)
  • certified class 2-1+A2 welding protection (EN ISO 11611:2007)
  • certified heat and flame protection (EN ISO 11612:2008)
  • breathable, water- and wind-resistant product with all-round heat protection due to innovative, exclusive heat shell material
  • obvious reflex applications
  • electrostatic discharge
  • UV protection factor UPF 50+

Comfort features

  • innovative, especially light protective clothing with ergonomically shaped sleeves and width-adjustable sleeve hems

Washing instructions

  • wash at 60°
  • do not bleach
  • dry in tumble dryer
  • iron at medium temperature
  • dry clean with perchlorethylene
  • suitable for industrial laundry


  • working on electrical systems, energy technology (protection against arc flashes, heat and flames)

Damit unsere Schutzbekleidung und Workwear zu Ihren Anforderungen passt wie angegossen, bieten wir Ihnen mit uvex add-on die Möglichkeit, Bekleidungsstücke mit Ihren Logos und Emblemen zu individualisieren – oder mit zusätzlichen Funktionen auszustatten. Mögliche Erweiterungen sowie Emblem-Positionen und -Größen im Detail:

Artmaximale GrößePosition
Transfer FR 10 x 3 cm rechtes Vorderteil
Transfer FR 8 x 3 cm linkes Vorderteil
Transfer FR 20 x 3 cm Rückenteil



Specifications uvex heat shell jacket (17159)

Attribute Value
Product type jacket
PPE category III: protection against lethal hazards and irreversible damage to health
Clothing type protective clothing
Collection uvex textreme
Special features UV protection factor UPF 50+
Product system uvex i-gonomics
Standards EN 1149:2008: electrostatically conductive clothing, EN ISO 11611:2007: protective clothing for welding and related work, EN ISO 11612:2008: protective clothing for workers exposed to heat, EN 61482-1-2:2007: protective clothing against the thermal risks of an electric arc, IEC 61482-2:2007: protective clothing against the thermal risks of an electric arc
Heat and flame protection EN ISO 11612:2008 – A1, EN ISO 11612:2008 – A2, EN ISO 11612:2008 – B1, EN ISO 11612:2008 – C1, EN ISO 11612:2008 – E3, EN ISO 11612:2008 – F1
Welding protection EN ISO 11611:2007 – class 2-A1, EN ISO 11611:2007 – class 2-A2
Arc-fault protection EN 61482-1-2 – class 2: 7 kA/0.5 s
Electrostatic discharge capacity (anti-static) EN 1149-3:2008: test method for measuring charge decay, EN 1149-5:2008: performance requirements for material and construction
Material 85 % viscose FR, 15 % para-amid, 75 % cotton, 24 % polyester, 1 % carbon
Surface weight approx. 450 g/m²
Colour grey
Size 40/42 to 64/66, 90/94 to 106/110

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