Respiratory protection | uvex silv-Air e 7333 FFP3 preformed mask Respiratory protection | uvex silv-Air e 7333 FFP3 preformed mask

uvex silv-Air e 7333 FFP3 preformed mask

article number: 8707333

  • reusable FFP3 breathing protection preformed mask
  • exhalation valve and inhalation valves
  • especially low breathing resistance and optimum breathing climate with cooling effect
  • labelled for re-usability (R) and use with high levels of dust exposure (D)
  • flexible textile headband


uvex silv-Air e 7333 – high-performance face mask with extremely low breathing resistance and optimum climate properties

All masks of the uvex silv-Air e family combine our unique technologies of optimum wearer comfort with extremely low breathing resistance. The products are therefore suitable for heavy work and for being worn for long periods of time. The increased size of the filter surface even enables the high-performance models to be worn for several days.


General features

  • particle-filtering preformed mask with exhalation valve and inhalation valves
  • colour: white


Protection features

  • certified FFP3 face mask to EN 149
  • D label (dolomite dust test passed): maximum breathability even with really high dust levels
  • R label (reusable): tested for re-usability and performance, including in the second shift


Comfort features

  • high-performance climazone system with three compartments for a comfortable, cool climate inside the mask
  • flexible textile headband with neck clip for individual adjustment
  • exhalation valve to lessen exhalation resistance and to reduce heat and moisture inside the mask
  • two extra filters with inhalation valves for lower breathing resistance and increased comfort due to easier air exchange
  • very soft, all-around sealing lip for optimum wearer comfort and secure fit
  • combination of 3D nose area and sealing lip ensures ideal fit for almost any nose shape



Product data sheet

Specifications uvex silv-Air e 7333 FFP3 preformed mask

Attribute Value
Product family uvex silv-Air e
Version preformed mask, with valves
Standards DIN EN 149
Additional information (DIN EN 149) FFP3, R – reusable, D – successful dolomite dust storage test
Colour White
Use Construction and related trades – asbestos: small-scale work, Disposal/cleaning: contact with radioactive contaminated dust, Disposal/cleaning: waste sorting, Disposal/cleaning: handling of medical waste, Woodworking: sanding/brushing off paint containing chrome, Woodworking: sanding/brushing off water-soluble paints containing copper, chrome or arsenic, Woodworking – hardwood (oak, beech, tropical wood): sanding and cutting, Agriculture: treatment of sick animals/animal diseases, Agriculture: handling mould spores, Metal processing – high alloy steel/stainless steel: drilling, grinding, milling, Metal processing – metal: drilling, grinding, milling, angle grinding, Welding: hard soldering, Welding: stainless steel and aluminium
Technologies 360° exhalation valve, 3D nose section, D marked, R marked, high-performance climate management, highly effective filter materials, contains no metals, circumferential comfort sealing lip, uvex particulate filter technologies
Segment Wrecking, Demolition, Bridge / Tunnel / Elevated Highway Construction, Metal Works

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Respiratory Expert System

The shortest way to the perfect respiratory protection mask.


360° exhalation valve
360° exhalation valve

The valve provides a noticeable reduction in exhalation resistance and reduces heat and moisture in the mask.

3D nose section
3D nose section

The three-dimensional nose area ensures a tight fit and low leakage. It also prevents fogging of uncoated spectacles.

D marked
D marked

The mask has been subjected to the dolomite dust test and offers the best breathability, even with heavy dust and under prolonged use.

R marked
R marked

The mask is tested for reusability and meets the requirements even when used in the second working shift.

high-performance climate management
high-performance climate management

Connected filter chambers ensure low resistance to breathing. Climate management increases wearer comfort immensely.

contains no metals
contains no metals

The mask is completely metal-free and made from absolutely  

circumferential comfort sealing lip
circumferential comfort sealing lip

The soft sealing lip provides for a reliable and pleasant secure fit.

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