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Lens marking: 5-1,4
Transmission: 65 %
Standard: EN 166, EN 172
UV protection: UV 400 - 100 % UVC, UVB and UVA up to 400 nm
Properties: Contrast enhancement, blue light reduction, full signal colour recognition

Filters blue light, boosts contrast for clearer vision, and helps reduce strain on the eyes and increase comfort.

Bluelight reduction:
Blue light is reduced by up to 50 % in extremely bright workplaces and especially in areas where blue light is particularly revelent e.g LED lights, computers and other visual display screens producing bright, harsh, unnatural light with high blue content that can pass through the eye and reach the retina.

Relaxed Vision:
Reduced eye fatigue even during prolonged periods of use – strain-free vision for increased concentration and comfort, reducing the risk of fatigue.

65 % Transmission:
With 65 % light transmission the ‘light’ tint is ideal for indoor activities in bright artificial light and outdoor activities in cloudy to slightly sunny weather or transitioning between the two.

Example applications:
Work alternating between dark and bright environments, e.g. forklift drivers, logistics, construction industry, indoor activities that require high concentration e.g. conducting close inspection or precision work which requires high levels of concentration throughout the day.

uvex safety eyewear with the selected tinting


uvex pheos cx2
Art. No.: 9198064


uvex pheos cx2 sonic
Art. No.: 9309064


uvex sportstyle
Art. No.: 9193064


uvex i-5
Art. No.: 9183064


uvex ultravision
Art. No.: 9301064


uvex super f OTG
Art. No.: 9169164

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