The set-up of our workspace and appropriate workwear when carrying out our tasks are critical to our health and performance. Ergonomics plays a decisive role in this. In this blog post, we explain what ergonomics actually means and take a closer look at the aims of ergonomics.

What is ergonomics?

The word ‘ergonomics’ is made up of two Greek words: ergon (work) and nomos (law, rule). With this in mind, ergonomics can also be defined as the scientific study of people’s efficiency in the workplace. Ergonomics is therefore the optimum interface between people, environment and machine. Ergonomics focuses on an optimally equipped workspace as well as its environment and the work tools used in the respective environment. The aim of ergonomics is to deliver a high-quality work product that meets requirements using structured organisation with the least amount of effort possible. This requires an ergonomically arranged workplace and ergonomic clothing that does not hinder our freedom of movement while at work.

The aims of ergonomics

  • Improve working conditions, work tools and work practices so that the work product is optimal and employees do not incur any physical injuries from the work environment in any way.
  • Produce manageable products that are easy to use.
  • Ensure accurate work.

Ergonomic clothing – the uvex suXXeed collection

Ergonomics plays a significant role in preventive occupational health and safety, economic efficiency and humanity. This is why uvex always focuses on the human body when developing new products. Thanks to experienced tailors and developers, there are always new insights regarding cuts and materials, which are transferred to the products.

Discover the benefits of uvex suXXeed:

  • Exceptional ergonomic design and perfect fit
  • Tailored 3D cut for an optimum fit
  • 360° performance fit for everyone
  • Stretch zones in correct anatomical positions for maximum freedom of movement
  • Innovative fit with lots of details
  • Different fits for men and women
  • Hybrid material combinations

Workwear suitable for industry and trade: uvex suXXeed

The ergonomic collection was specifically developed for good ergonomics at standing workspaces and many other workplaces in industry. We focused on creating a sporty design featuring ergonomically placed stretch inserts. In particular, the collection has been physiologically optimised for occupational use. In addition, innovative product characteristics such as 3D tailoring and high-quality materials ensure maximum wearer comfort.

To the uvex suXXeed collection

Do you carry out your work in particularly high temperatures and are you sometimes even exposed to flames? Then our heat-resistant ergonomic collection is the perfect solution for you!

uvex suXXeed multifunction and arc

So that you can work ergonomically even in high temperatures, we developed uvex suXXeed multifunction and uvex suXXeed arc: the material is made of 50% cotton with 49% polyester and 1% anti-static fibres. The advanced protective fabric is highly heat- and flame-resistant.

The uvex suXXeed multifunction and uvex suXXeed arc collection features elastic inserts so that less effort is required on the part of the wearer in order to move. As less effort is required, the wearer’s power of concentration and performance are kept at a high level for a long period of time. Furthermore, the ergonomic cut supports movement and provides significantly higher wearer comfort.

Processes are therefore made easier for employees and the risk of self-caused accidents is reduced

To the suXXeed arc collection

Are your workplaces and workwear already ergonomic? If not, don’t wait a moment longer and enhance the performance and health of your employees or yourself. Do you have questions about ergonomics in the workplace? We will be happy to give you detailed information on our ergonomic clothing and can advise you on the best way to create an ergonomic workplace.




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