Ergonomics is the scientific study of people’s efficiency in the workplace.
The term derives from the Greek words

  • ergon (work) and
  • nomos (law, rule).

 The aims of ergonomics are:

  • to improve working conditions, work tools and work structuring in order for the optimum result to be achieved from the work and the person at work to suffer as few setbacks as possible
  • to manufacture manageable products that are comfortable to use; and
  • to ensure precise work

Ergonomics is therefore of great importance for the preventative field of industrial health and safety, as well as for occupational protection, economy and humaneness.

Through intensive work with the human anatomy and extensive muscle movement studies conducted in collaboration with physiotherapists and sports physicians, we have developed the uvex texpergo plus multi-purpose jacket, which comes equipped with:

  • Outstanding ergonomics and perfect fit;
  • Muscle fit 3D cut for optimum comfort;
  • Excellent freedom of movement due to “stretch zones” in the correct anatomical positions;
  • Innovative fit with self-explanatory details;
  • Visually striking, easily recognisable ergonomic properties;
  • New “stress release” area stretch technology;
  • Soft and smooth material, which feels like a second skin; and
  • Extremely flexible adaptation to the human anatomy
    Watch the video “uvex 3D – intelligent ergonomics” here.

Based on the results of the uvex texpergo plus muscle movement study, we developed a commercial range of work and protective clothing for both industry and retail.

uvex texpert perfect - die Berufsbekleidung für Industrie und Handel:

uvex texpert perfect – work clothing for industry and retail:

The collection, which has been physiologically optimised for occupational use, is distinguished by its sporty fit coupled with its ergonomically positioned stretch inserts. Innovative properties such as its 3D cut and high-quality material ensure the highest possible wearer comfort.

uvex textreme fire – banwaer+

The new uvex textreme fire collection offers optimum protection and the highest possible freedom of movement.
The elastic inserts in the collection, which were manufactured exclusively for uvex, are heat-resistant and inflammable.
The elastic inserts require approximately ten times less force to execute movements.
In addition, the ergonomic cut of the clothes supports the process of movement whilst ensuring considerably higher wearer comfort.
The reduced effort required for movement means the wearer’s concentration and physical performance remain at a high level. Processes are therefore made easier for employees, and the risk of self-caused accidents is reduced.

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