In future, revolutionary lens shapes in innovative frame designs and the unrestricted field of vision of uvex safety spectacles will ensure perfect, safe vision at all times. New technologies and designs will help you see properly, even in difficult working conditions. The sporty, ergonomic design and convenient wearability features make uvex safety spectacles extremely comfortable and a reliable accessory for your working day. Discover more fascinating details about the future of uvex safety spectacles in this blog article.

Retro sports spectacles – new trend for safety spectacles

We are already seeing retro-style lens shapes on sports spectacles. This trend continues in the uvex safety spectacles range, which offers even more protection in terms of safety and unrestricted vision for people and their individual areas of activity. The latest lens designs are no longer so highly shaped and provide more surface area for eye coverage and protection of the sensitive areas around the eye with straight and flat geometries.


Depending on whether the spectacles are intended for workplaces with dust, mechanical or chemical hazards, additional lens platforms with more or less coverage are used in the peripheral areas of the lens. Here, a wraparound frame made of soft, comfortable materials can provide perfect protection and good visibility. And all with preventive UV protection up to 400 nm or above.

Effective lens coating

Coating technologies for safety eyewear are also becoming increasingly innovative and adapting specially to the new conditions of use. Due to the constant changes in personal protective equipment (PPE) when it comes to eye protection, the requirements for even more efficient and anti-fog coatings are becoming increasingly important.

Whereas a few years ago, eye protection was mainly used to protect the person, today it is a mixture of actual eye protection and product protection. This mainly concerns the food and pharmaceutical sectors.

New requirements are also being added – for example due to the current situation caused by the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic: anti-virus and hygiene measures mean that in certain areas it is very important to wear mouth and nose protection in combination with eye protection. For many users, it is particularly annoying that with this combination, the eye protection quickly fogs up and safe vision is no longer guaranteed. Sophisticated coating systems play an important role in the solution and are the only way uvex can offer anti-fog safety spectacles.


Especially for hygienic areas, lasting, effective anti-fog performance on the inside of the lens is crucial. But the right fit of the combination of mouth-nose protection and eye protection also plays a decisive role: ideally, the mouth-nose protection should always be worn under the lens. If the inside of the lens also has a lasting anti-fog coating, safe and clear vision is ensured.

Scratch-resistant lenses – offering a longer service life for uvex safety spectacles

The use of different types of coating on the lenses makes uvex safety spectacles suitable for a wide range of uses and means they can be perfectly tailored to almost every work or hygiene situation. Scratch-resistant coated lenses are particularly popular. In everyday working life, the mechanical damage to the lenses caused by scratching, rubbing, wiping and chafing against various materials is extensive, so a scratch-resistant coating can significantly extend the service life of safety eyewear.


In working environments with high humidity or sudden exposure to condensation, anti-fog coatings prevent the lenses from fogging up and impairing the employee’s vision. Special processes used to coat the lenses that make them scratch-resistant on the outside and anti-fogging on the inside also offer the possibility of an extremely long service life.

Smart safety spectacles with heated lenses or relevant data collection will be the next step.

We’ll keep you up to date on how uvex safety spectacles are developing and the kind of innovative technologies you can expect to see in the near future. Do you have specific preferences or ideas about how you would like the perfect uvex safety spectacles to look? Feel free to share your ideas with us!

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