Two years ago at A+A 2015, uvex presented its new i-gonomics range – a product system which aims to protect and thereby provide sustainable relief for people at work. Since then, uvex has continued to pursue this cause and further develop the product system – now, at A+A 2017, uvex is proud to welcome some new members to the uvex i-gonomics range.

uvex i-gonomics represents supreme functionality in tandem with first-class wearer comfort. The focus is on sustainable relief in the workplace. In order to ensure that this is no empty promise, however, uvex places great value on ensuring that the benefits of its i-gonomics products can be empirically verified via scientific test methods. To find out how this works precisely, we recommend taking a look at our original uvex i-gonomics blog post – it explains how we are able to reliably measure the relief factor of all sorts of products from different manufacturers, how uvex’s relief index works and what the benefits are for you as the wearer.

New products in the uvex i-gonomics range:

  1. uvex pheos cx2 sonic goggles

uvex pheos cx2 sonic compact wide-vision goggles impress thanks to their lightweight design and first-class wearer comfort – the uvex duo component technology guarantees a customised, comfortable fit. Their anti-fog coating allows for clear vision in every situation, even in extreme climates.

  1. uvex xact-band banded ear protectors

The extremely light uvex xact-band banded ear protectors, with ergonomically shaped plugs offer maximum wearer comfort. The integrated sound absorber effectively reduces background noise – such as on contact with clothing. Their thumb indentations make them particularly easy to use.

  1. uvex perfexxion multi-standard safety helmet

The functional uvex perfexxion safety helmet is especially versatile: It can be used as an industrial helmet or as a mountaineering or cycling helmet, which complies with applicable standards – its ergonomically perfect fit and optimal climate control make it particularly comfortable to wear.

  1. uvex v-ionics 5219 FFP 2 respiratory mask 

The dimensionally stable uvex v-ionics 5219 FFP2 respirator enables particularly natural breathing with less accumulation of heat and moisture under the mask. This is guaranteed by the bionic structure of the ultra thin and flexible membrane – for noticeably enhanced wearer comfort with every use.

  1. uvex synexo Z200 safety gloves

The innovative uvex synexo Z200 safety glove offers reliable protection – partial protection zones effectively increase tear resistance and cut protection. The high breathability of these gloves, thanks to their porous coating, means they are extremely comfortable to wear at all times.

  1. uvex 1 sport safety shoes

The modern uvex 1 sport safety shoe is characterised not only by its trendy look, but also by its first-class comfort: This is ensured, amongst other factors, by the newly developed last as well as the extremely breathable high-tech material – for completely new, relaxed wearing comfort.

  1. uvex u-cut HC otoplastic

The uvex u-cut HC otoplastic hearing protection provides a further noticeable boost to wearer comfort thanks to its innovative design and ensures an even better perception of sound without neglecting sound insulation. The otoplastic is even more flexible thanks to the opening in the ear canal area, and has also become even more lightweight. The residual volume in the ear canal has been significantly increased. This all results in unrivalled wearer comfort with the same high insulating performance.

  1. uvex cut quatroflex cut-protection shirt

uvex cut quatroflex follows your every movement: A variety of knitting technologies make the protective clothing particularly elastic – in all directions. The tried-and-tested Bamboo TwinFlex® technology ensures comfort on the inside (bamboo) and reliably high cut protection on the outside (glass with DSM Dyneema® Diamond fibres).

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