Without accessories, helmets often offer only limited adaptability. In order to perfectly — and comfortably — protect wearers in all situations, uvex safety helmets can be supplemented by a wide range of various attachments. In the following, we present a convenient overview of these.

The uvex super boss and uvex airwing helmet models share the same accessories: on the one hand, there are the classic attachments, such as hearing protection and visors, and on the other, there are also special accessories, such as the winter cap and balaclava. Working outside is therefore no longer a problem, even in the coldest winter months. Some of the latest additions to the range of attachments include uvex neck protection, which keeps out the sun, rain and any splintered fragments, as well as the new helmet slot sealing plug set, which shields the wearer from rain when working outside by closing up the side Euroslots.

The uvex pheos offers the most diverse range of possible combinations: the specially engineered shell of this helmet not only includes the standard side Euroslot adapters (30 mm), but also two additional slots at the front and the rear of the helmet. This means that, unlike the uvex super boss and airwing, the uvex pheos can be fitted with head torches. Additionally, the underside of the helmet provides small grooves to be used for accessories such as the pen holder or leather chin straps. The new uvex pheos visor system was also tailored to uvex pheos safety helmets and will only fit in the Euroslots of this helmet range. From now on, the visor also protects against the effects of rain and sun, making working outside a more pleasant experience for wearers, whatever the weather.

In addition, there are reflective stripes which can be added to the helmet to make the wearer visible in darker conditions. The uvex pheos can also be used in combination with the winter cap, balaclava, neck protection and the slot sealing plug set.

uvex safety helmets accessory overview

uvex super boss

uvex airwing

uvex pheos

Winter cap


Leather chin straps

Slot sealing plug set




Neck protection

Pen holder

Head torch

Goggles clip

Reflective stripes

Sun/rain protection