The Prince of Tides: oil and gas production in South Africa

uvexTREME – the toughest jobs in the world

We all know that every job has its tough side, but there are jobs that are much tougher than we could ever imagine, where people take on the greatest risks and overcome all dangers with passion and courage. As passion and courage alone are not protection enough, uvex safety provides that added extra for everyday work. “Everyday” is not really the right word for this kind of job.


Oil and gas production in South Africa

We turn up the heating, sit down on the sofa, relax, warm up and get comfortable. Considerably less comfortable, however, are those who ensure we always have enough oil and gas.

Offshore drilling rig workers in South Africa must give their all every single day. Coming into contact with hydrogen sulphide, silicon dioxide, oil mist and mercury as well as various other chemicals over the course of their work poses a constant threat to their health. Not to mention the constant risk of explosions and flash fires from the different gases they work with. Bad weather and wind also mean there is always a risk of slipping and falling through to one of the lower levels.

High temperatures and extreme humidity on the drilling rigs are exacerbated by the permanent wetness. Over the course of a long shift, workers are exposed in the daytime to piercing sunlight, which is reflected even more in the large area of water, and at night they must deal with blindingly bright artificial light.

The extremely high level of noise pollution is almost the least of all the evils. Workers often have to climb into confined spaces for maintenance and repair work, where they can only move around on their hands and knees – and even sometimes just on their stomach.

uvex helps make the drilling rigs as safe as possible for those who work there by providing protective eyewear, face masks and gloves. The very least it can do to help those risking their lives out at sea so that we can be warm on the sofa.


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uvex CR for medicine and the pharmaceutical industry

action_uvex_CR_367_HDRThere is autoclavable safety eyewear. And then there is uvex CR.

Professional occupational safety for laboratories, clinics, cleanrooms and food manufacturing. We have developed the first autoclavable safety goggles with anti-fog coating for specialist requirements.
From ultra-light safety spectacles to goggles with a panorama lens, the uvex CR range offers the perfect safety eyewear for any area of application, specifically designed for repeated autoclave sterilisation. Steam sterilisation by heating in an autoclave is a widespread practice in the pharmaceutical industry, in laboratories, medical practices and hospitals.
The aim of this process is to achieve the maximum level of sterilisation (i.e. elimination of all viable microorganisms such as bacteria, spores and viruses). Steam sterilisation is considered to be the most effective sterilisation process (compared to gamma rays and chemical sterilisation). Alongside an exemplary level of protection, our uvex CR eyewear offers maximum functionality, outstanding wearer comfort and innovative design. This is first-class protective eyewear “Made in Germany”.


action_uvex_CR_142_HDRThe revolution in cleanrooms – uvex CR with anti-fog coating.

From complicated procedures in operations to working in pharmaceutical manufacturing, employees must be able to completely rely on their protective equipment at all times.
uvex CR eyewear is specially designed to meet the highest demands of medicine and the pharmaceutical industry. The special anti-fog coating guarantees perfect anti-fogging, during physically demanding work as well as in extremely warm and damp conditions. They can also be perfectly combined with respirators. uvex CR eyewear can be autoclaved up to ten times (20 minutes each cycle, at 121°C), after which replacement of eyewear is recommended, or lens replacement in the case of uvex ultrasonic CR wide-vision goggles.

In some areas, it is not only the person, but also the product which needs to be protected. For example, in cleanroom production, a single dust particle can damage delicate components. Autoclavable uvex CR safety eyewear is perfectly suited for sterile working environments, e.g. food production. At the same time, the eyewear not only fulfils all safety norms in accordance with EN 166, but even exceeds the requirements. From the innovative anti-fog coating to the duo component technology for maximum wearer comfort, the pioneering functionality of the uvex CR means it is the optimum protective equipment for use in research and development. In addition to sophisticated functionality and optimal comfort, our products set themselves apart through modern, sporty designs.


action_uvex_CR_049_HDRAlways have everything in view – with non-fogging uvex CR safety eyewear.

At only 98g, the uvex ultrasonic CR are very light autoclavable wide-vision goggles. The anti-fog lenses with a wide panoramic field of vision guarantee optimum vision at all times. They offer exceptional wearer comfort through duo component technology and an adjustable silicone headband. Indirect ventilation ensures a pleasant non-irritating interior environment. They can also be worn over most spectacles. In contrast to the ultrasonic CR, competitors on the market are all uncoated. These globally unique autoclavable goggles with anti-fog coating are a step ahead. The coating is an unsurpassable benefit for the wearer, particularly when combined with respirators.

uvex super fit CR are autoclavable and extremely lightweight spectacles. The ultra-thin, scratch-proof lenses offer optimum protection against mechanical hazards. The innovative anti-fog coating guarantees a perfect panoramic field of vision, even in high air humidity and when exposed to extreme temperature variation.

uvex super f OTG CR is autoclavable eyewear with innovative lens technology. The panorama field of vision ensures absolute anti-fogging and maximum vision. Also specifically suitable for use over prescription spectacles. The extremely flexible soft ear pieces adapt perfectly to the head shape and ensure a secure and pressure-free fit, even when worn for extended periods.

All uvex CR models meet the specifications of optical grade 1 and all safety norms in accordance with EN 166. The eyewear is manufactured from non-allergenic materials which are free of harmful substances, and is of course “Made in Germany”.

uvex CR for medicine and the pharmaceutical industry. Sterile eye protection in every situation.

We take responsibility: protecting people and the environment


As a family-run company, we take a long-term view and the issue of sustainability is always, has always been and will always be a high priority for us. Products which touch the skin, such as fabrics, must fulfil extremely stringent criteria which not only exceed EU directives, but set new standards in environmental friendliness. The fundamental principle behind sustainability is to add value throughout the supply chain. Consequently, commitment to sustainability is playing an ever greater role in product development, in particular. Collection 26 was developed on the basis of these requirements. The main components of the models comprise materials made of recycled polyester and organic cotton, supplemented by parts made from recycled polyester.

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uvex continues to see Germany as a strong investment location

World market leader from Fürth with innovative product systems at the A+A Safety, Security and Health at Work Trade Fair


uvex is continuously expanding its strong position in the field of occupational health and safety. The consistent quality strategy of the Fürth based family company includes new processes, innovative technologies and a high level of environmental friendliness. In addition, the “Made in Germany” production is the basis for further internationalisation. At the world’s largest trade fair for safety, security and health at work, the A+A in Düsseldorf, the uvex safety group will be presenting over 70 innovations, including the innovative uvex i-performance product system. Following intensive development and test phases, the new products will be presented at the A+A from 5 to 8 November. The area of occupational health and safety is the mainstay of the uvex Group and accounts for 72% of its turnover.

”We want innovation and quality. The consequence is that we develop our products ourselves along with the required production processes,” says Stefan Brück, CEO of the sub-group uvex safety group, as he sums up the strategy of the world market leader in occupational health and safety. Investments in modern production facilities in Germany and Europe, productivity enhancement through innovative processes and highly qualified staff guarantee the consistent expansion of the occupational health and safety division. uvex safety performed well in the last financial year with sustained growth and achieved turnover of EUR 248 million, which corresponds to an increase year on year of 4%.

Growth rates are also due to internationalisation

The uvex safety group is planning further growth of 5% for the current financial year. At the same time, the focus of the family business will be on the continual internationalisation of the Group: “The global market offers us considerable opportunities. Therefore, regions outside Europe will continue to be at the core of our international growth strategy,” emphasises Michael Winter, Managing Partner of the uvex Group. A key market for health and safety at work is to be the Near and Middle East and, of course, Asia. Winter sums up by saying that Germany will remain a very strong innovation centre for uvex and, at the same time, the best export basis for internationalisation, as regards both its safety and sports divisions.

Protecting people – innovative, sustainable and “Made in Germany/Made in Europe”

The company uvex is committed to producing at German and European sites and extended production in the last financial year. As a result of a new flood cell at the Fürth site, a completely new manufacturing process has been introduced that will enable the production of new coating systems.  Simultaneously, a new cooling system has been installed, with which the energy output, CO2 emissions and noise emissions will be substantially reduced. In Lüneburg uvex safety is extending the existing site by 15,000 m², in order to intensify the production of safety gloves. This will lead to around 50 new jobs in the medium term. uvex is the only manufacturer in this line of business that mainly produces in Germany and Europe.

Awards for innovative and modern products

The uvex safety glove division won the Top Innovator award 2013 for small and medium-sized businesses. According to the jury, the Lüneburg site is the “hidden champion” of the safety glove industry, which has established itself on the world market with its highly innovative “Made in Germany” products. Recently the uvex1 safety shoe model scooped three prizes, namely a “Focus in Silver” for outstanding design quality and a “Red Dot Design Award” for the perfect combination of work and leisure shoe. uvex1 has also been awarded the EU Ecolabel. This label assesses the whole of the materials value chain as well as the impact on the environment during production.

Technology and comfort: uvex i-performance protects and eases movement

“Modern occupational health and safety systems are having to do more and more. They are intended to protect people who are involved in intensive physical work, but, at the same time, not impose any additional strain and not restrict the user,” says uvex safety CEO Brück, outlining the challenges. And Michael Winter, Managing Partner of the Fürth based family company, explains that the uvex i-performance product system defines occupational health and safety in a new dimension. “Analogous to our guiding principle of protecting people, it offers the customary protection. However, at the same time, it gives wearers greater scope in their physiological processes. And we can prove it!”

uvex i-performance: next level equipment

uvex stands for unparalleled innovation in the industrial health and safety sector. uvex will be presenting its uvex i-performance product range at the A+A 2013 trade fair this year, and in doing so will define just what modern industrial health and safety products can achieve. 

Like all great ideas, the uvex i-performance product range is effective in its simplicity: protective equipment is a must when performing intensive physical work, but it can often prove to be an additional burden on the wearer.

A new dimension in protection 

With the uvex i-performance range, uvex has significantly improved the performance of its personal protective equipment (PPE): the products deliver uvex’s typically high standard of protection whilst being optimised to ensure the equipment inhibits the wearer as little as possible and even supports certain movements. Ultimately, this reduces fatigue and allows wearers greater freedom of movement than other PPE.

Technology and comfort

uvex i-performance is not just a technical triumph. It is the next stage of the uvex 3D philosophy. The products are also completely adaptable, and the resultant added value for the wearer is clearer now than ever before.

Quantifiable benefits

The uvex i-performance range epitomises everything uvex and its products stand for: high levels of protection, the best standard of design, optimum quality, durability and, last but not least, a constant striving for improvement with clear, quantifiable added value for uvex customers. uvex i-performance products form a complete protection system from head to toe.


A new generation of products with many benefits

uvex i-3 AR provides optimum glare protection

The development team in the safety eyewear segment is inspired by the ergonomics and comfort specifications of uvex i-performance to create optimum glare protection: With an anti- reflective coating on both sides, the uvex i-3 AR achieves a transmission factor of more than 96.5% and thereby effectively prevents distracting reflections which occur from brightly lit displays.


uvex RX goggle: the first wide-vision goggles with prescription lenses. In contrast to standard solutions with overspecs or prescription inserts, the transmission factor of these goggles is up to 18% higher so optical aberrations are avoided.

The ingenious 360° ventilation of the uvex silv-Air eco respirator prevents fogging of eyewear on exhalation. Ergonomic design has also made hearing protection even better: uvex xact-band effectively prevents noise exposure. Sound absorbers integrated in the headband noticeably reduce potential sound interference that may result from the headband coming into contact with clothing.


Protection and Comfort through high tech materials

uvex 1 safety footwear is the perfect combination of protection, comfort and design: the consistent lightweight construction principle relieves strain for the wearer.

Reduced strain on the musculoskeletal system: uvex 1 safety footwear

The background: every gram less reduces the negative impact on the entire musculoskeletal system and fatigue. This effect is reinforced by energy absorption in the heel being twice that required by EN ISO 20345. uvex 1 safety footwear is a winning design and was presented with the Red Dot design award 2013.



Improved dexterity: uvex phynomic XG

With the uvex phynomic XG, the safety gloves product group has developed a glove that offers natural touch sensation and the best oil grip in its class. This model is particularly suitable for precision work when handling slightly oily objects. It is extremely durable due to its abrasion resistance, which is eight times higher than the norm.




uvex i-performance: redefining performance 

A new dimension in comfort: uvex textreme performance multifunctional protective jacket

Through a new combination of materials, the weight of the uvex textreme performance multifunctional protective jacket is 30% lower than that of comparable products in this protection class.An ergonomic design ensures maximum freedom of movement. At the same time, the breathable material improves wearer comfort.


Protection in all danger zones: uvex pheos antistatic


Additional innovations round off the uvex i-performance product range: uvex pheos antistatic is the first antistatic industrial safety helmet that is suitable for use in all danger zones whilst also providing optimal comfort.





The future starts now

Following an intensive development and testing phase, uvex i-performance products are being launched on the market to coincide with the A+A 2013. This range exemplifies what industrial safety products can achieve by pushing the boundaries of technical capabilities and putting the sole focus on making them work for the user. This is the start of protecting people in a new dimension.



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uvexTREME – the toughest jobs in the world


We all know that every job has its tough side, but there are jobs that are much tougher than we could ever imagine, where people take on the greatest risks and overcome all dangers with passion and courage.

As passion and courage alone are not protection enough, uvex safety provides that added extra for everyday work. “Everyday” is not really the right word for this kind of job.


Read on to discover more: uvexTREME – the toughest jobs in the world!



Battle in the depths of the earth: underground mining in South Africa

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Staying cool: crude oil production in Russia

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How extreme is your job?

Is your job the toughest in the world? Why not show us!


Be part of “uvexTreme – the toughest jobs in the world. Tell us your story on facebook/uvexsafetygroup or send us an e-mail to  safety@uvex.de.


Battle in the depths of the earth: underground mining in South Africa

uvexTREME – the toughest jobs in the world

We all know that every job has its tough side, but there are jobs that are much tougher than we could ever imagine, where people take on the greatest risks and overcome all dangers with passion and courage. As passion and courage alone are not protection enough, uvex safety provides that added extra for everyday work. “Everyday” is not really the right word for this kind of job.


There could scarcely be a tougher job: in South Africa’s underground mining industry, thousands of miners work long shifts each day of up to 12 hours. It is an absolutely extreme situation where man and materials are repeatedly pushed to their limits.

Working in constant darkness, where the sudden artificial tunnel lighting or a torch on someone’s helmet creates glaring dazzling light. Permanent exposure to dust that puts a strain on lungs and airways as well as immense levels of noise, which are multiplied by the narrow shafts. Extreme climatic conditions with high temperatures and oppressive humidity; tunnels in which movement is sometimes only possible in a crouched position or even by sliding along on your stomach.  Strong infrared radiation from welding work, not to mention the incalculable risks of falling debris and stones.

Without appropriate protection, such as the skyguard safety eyewear, the whisper noise protection and the silv-Air Classic FFP2v breathing protection masks from uvex, work under these conditions would scarcely be possible.

Day in and day out, South Africa’s miners do a job that is unparalleled. This deserves not only our respect, but also our maximum protection.


How extreme is your job?

Is your job the toughest in the world? Why not show us!


Be part of “uvexTreme – the toughest jobs in the world. Tell us your story on facebook/uvexsafetygroup or send us an e-mail to  safety@uvex.de.