Noise-induced hearing loss is a widespread occupational disease, which in most cases is detected too late due to its slow progression. To help prevent this, we have a large selection of hearing protection in our product portfolio – including our customised hearing protection. In this blog article, read about everything you need to know about our otoplastic hearing protection and discover our latest innovation – the high-fit duro active.

uvex high-fit – customised otoplastics in the industry

Not all hearing protection is equal: wearer comfort and correct fit play a crucial role in successfully protecting the hearing. However, everyone and therefore every ear canal is individual, which is why standard otoplastics only rarely fit perfectly. To prevent employees removing their hearing protection because of unpleasant pressure or a painful ear canal even in a noisy environment, we’ve developed the uvex u-cut otoplastic hearing protection. The new design is significantly more comfortable to wear and offers improved sound, without compromising on sound insulation.

We’ve developed an entire product family – uvex high-fit – using this new technology and can now offer you a selection of customised hearing protection. The otoplastics have an antibacterial coating, which prevents the propagation of bacteria and germs. Thanks to special cut-outs in the ear canal area, the otoplastics are much lighter and more flexible. The remaining volume inside the ear canal is therefore significantly increased, which makes for a pleasant sensation of sound.

Whichever uvex high-fit model you choose, you’ll get personalised hearing protection: a specially trained employee will carry out a standardised moulding procedure, using your ear canal to create a secure, comfortable hearing protection product.

Find the perfect hearing protection for you

New product innovations: uvex high-fit duro active

In addition to reliable hearing protection, in many work situations, communication is also an important factor – conventional hearing protection quickly reaches its limits in such situations. That’s why we developed uvex high-fit duro active: otoplastic hearing protection is perfect for use in industrial workplaces where communication is important and noise levels change.

The otoplastics have also been designed for people with hearing loss to use in noisy workplaces. In this case, the customised uvex hearing protection is combined with a high-tech amplifier, which, with the help of highly sensitive and finely adjusted microphones, improves the wearer’s directional and ambient hearing, and simultaneously blocks damaging noise. This amplifier technology means the earplugs can be used near impulse noise – the electronic limiter closes within a few milliseconds in the event of impulse noise of up to 164 dB and reopens just as quickly after the noise event.

Benefits of active noise cancelling otoplastic hearing protection

  • Customised for the wearer’s ear canal
  • Highly sensitive and finely adjusted microphones
  • Optimal ambient and directional hearing
  • Extremely high level of passive insulation
  • State-of-the-art high-tech amplifier technology for impulse noise
  • Protection up to 164 dB
  • Electronic limiter closes within 10 milliseconds
  • Protection from moisture and sweat thanks to earwax filter system
uvex high-fit duro active

You can read more about our uvex otoplastic hearing protection and its innovative features in our newsletter.

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