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Otoplastic uvex high-fit duro active

Article number: 6170840

  • active otoplastic hearing protection – tailor-made to the individual’s ear canal
  • individually adjustable to suit the employee’s hearing – ideal for users of hearing aids
  • immediate reduction of sudden noise in less than 10 milliseconds

uvex high-fit duro active – active otoplastic hearing protection

The uvex high-fit duro active is an electronic, active hearing protection system with a fully digital high-tech amplifier that uses finely tuned and highly sensitive microphones to provide the best directional and optimal ambient hearing. The combination of customised otoplastic hearing protection together with finely controlled amplifier technology ensures the highest level of hearing protection. This means that the uvex high-fit duro active can confidently be used up to an exposure level of 112 dB(A).

General features

  • Full-concha design in acrylic
  • Electronic, active otoplastic hearing protection
  • Silicone-free

Protective features

  • Certified otoplastic hearing protection in accordance with EN 352-2 and EN 352-7
  • Optimum protection in constant noise or sudden noise (up to 112 dB)
  • SNR 26 dB

Comfort features

  • Exceptional fit thanks to individual adjustment to ear canal
  • Smooth acrylic material for easy otoplastic insertion
  • Individually adjustable to employee’s level of hearing loss for optimum speech comprehension

Areas of application

  • Noisy areas with sudden noises
  • Employees with hearing loss in noisy workplaces
  • Industrial workplaces with high-level communication needs


Product data sheet

Specifications Otoplastic uvex high-fit duro active

Attribute Value
Product type otoplastic
Product family uvex high-fit duro
Special features electronic, active otoplastics
Standards EN 352-2, EN 352-7
Insulation value (SNR) 26 dB
Material Acrylic
Colour Beige, Black
Size full-concha
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