uvex 1 x-craft – sporty safety shoes with maximum flexibility

uvex 1 x-craft are not just safety shoes – they are also the perfect work shoes for anyone working in trade, industry, construction, logistics and other sectors who is looking for both maximum flexibility and excellent protection. For more safety, improved wearer comfort and better performance.

uvex 1 x-craft – the next level

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uvex 1 x-craft safety shoes vegan, ESD-capable, compatible with uvex medicare

uvex 1 x-craft – a next-level experience, developed for a wide range of requirements

Sustainability and uvex 1 x-craft

uvex 1 x-craft safety shoes with sustainable penetration resistance

Penetration resistance made from 100% recycled fibres

uvex 1 x-craft safety shoes with recycled shoelaces

100% recycled shoelaces

uvex 1 x-craft safety shoes with sustainable insole

Comfortable climatic insole – made of 73% recycled PU foam and 85% recycled polyester

uvex 1 x-craft safety shoes with sustainable and cushioning midsole

Innovative midsole cushioning with 15% granulate from recycled in-house PU production residues

uvex 1 x-craft safety shoes with partially recycled outsole

TPU outsole with up to 10% recycled PU granulate for abrasion resistance and slip resistance on smooth and wet floors

uvex 1 x-craft
the next level

Benjamin Kirsch

Product Manager Footwear

A sporty safety shoe range, directly inspired by the market – the next generation, the ultimate next level. The uvex 1 x-craft is designed for achievers and provides support for a wide variety of activities and working environments thanks to its many technologies and features.

Benjamin Kirsch product manager footwear at uvex

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