Forestry worker set — the right solution for every need

This set is specially tailored to the needs of forestry work, and won't let you down when working in forest environments. It is based on the advanced uvex pheos industrial safety helmet, which provides reliable protection against the specific dangers of forestry work with its mesh visor and earmuffs.

  • Complete set for forestry work consisting of helmet (uvex pheos ABS B-S-WR), mesh visor (uvex pheos forestry visor) and earmuffs (uvex pheos K2P mechanical)
  • Complies with the EN 397 standard and additional requirements for very low temperatures (-30°C), as well as EN 352-3 and EN 1731
  • Fully integrated metal mesh visor with high transmission (transparency) protects against foreign objects and ensures a clear view
  • High-insulation earmuffs (SNR: 30 dB) round off the system perfectly and reliably protect against noise produced by chainsaws and brush cutters
  • Three variable air vents for maximum ventilation, offering ventilation in the direction of movement
  • Suspension harness with wheel ratchet system enables the width to be variably adjusted with just one hand
  • Available in three colours: yellow, orange and red
This set is specially tailored to the needs of forestry work, and won't let you down when working in forest environments

See the forest worker set in action

Perfect "resting position" for the visor and hearing protection

Based on the uvex pheos visor system, the visor can be locked above the helmet shell when not required and the hearing protection can be folded back. Everything fits closely to the helmet and is perfectly balanced over the body's centre of gravity. This means the neck muscles are not placed under strain by any unnecessary weight, ensuring excellent wearer comfort and maximum freedom of movement.

This means hitting or getting caught on overhead branches is now a thing of the past. Plus, your view is not restricted by the visor when in the resting position (visor open) either.

Perfect helmet climate

Three variable air vents for maximum ventilation. In cold weather, the vents can easily be closed from the outside using sliders. Ventilation in the direction of movement ensures optimum air flow.

Outstanding wearer comfort

Thanks to soft sweatband and wheel ratchet padding.

The sweatband, the wheel ratchet padding and the entire suspension harness can be easily changed, thus ensuring a high level of hygiene even when used for many years.

Wide range of accessories

The set comes as standard with a four-point chin strap (pre-attached) and signal whistle.

The chin strap keeps the system perfectly in place on the head, even when completing difficult work above head height. It can be removed and refitted in an instant as required.

In the event of an emergency, the signal whistle makes it possible to emit a sustained rescue or warning signal over two frequencies and is significantly louder than the human voice:

  • extremely loud for maximum range
  • made from a single piece without moving parts to reliably ensure long-term functionality
  • clipped into the helmet and therefore always at hand in an emergency
  • alternatively, the whistle can be attached to a key ring or a cord

The individual parts are also available as spare parts:

Description Art. no.
Chin strap9790021
Sun/glare and rain protection for the visor9790074
Replacement visor (steel)9790210
Replacement earmuffs9790214
Hygiene set earmuffs2599972
uvex "dry-pads" comfort pads for earmuffs to absorb heavy sweating2599978
Replacement suspension harness for the helmet9760106
Replacement sweatband9760009
pheos Lights helmet torch9790062

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