Our philosophy

uvex is a medium-sized enterprise with a long tradition, with values that are firmly established in the company culture and with loyal staff. Together we work day by day to achieve our defined objective: to be the best!

Leadership. Quality. Enthusiasm.

The strengths of the uvex brand are based on these three core values.

Dear customers,

Our brand values are both a responsibility and a commitment. In everything we do, we strive to do business by our brand values, building on their meaning while also making these values tangible for you. These values represent our company DNA; they are part of our brand promise and form the foundations of our core competencies:


The brand value of "Leadership" describes our drive to be a market leader. With leading innovations in our products, technologies and services, we want to set the benchmark and be the pioneers of new trends. As part of this vision, we’ve been working on wearable technologies for some time; we’ve also created uvex techware to develop a brandnew approach to products and cross-sector services. Our aim is to utilise the new sensor and optical technologies available to us, in conjunction with the associated software solutions, to reach new milestones in added value for our customers.


The brand value of "Quality" is underpinned by our status as a skilled manufacturer worldwide throughout the entire value-added chain. We manage and control the entire product development and production process – from the initial product concept, through to research and development, and finally to the mature end product. One of the main issues we focus on in doing so is sustainability. We undergo regular external certification audits, such as our ISO 14001 certification for shoe production in 2017, as evidence of our commitment to sustainability. Our aim is to audit all other uvex plants in line with this environmental management standard.


With our passion and our drive to deliver the best, we want to ensure that you and your employees feel good about our products. We want you to be passionate about uvex. The brand value of "Enthusiasm" also represents our commitment to top-level international winter sports, cycling and riding and, in turn, our commitment to the holistic implementation of our mission of protecting people.

Our strategic foundation to reach our goals:

Brand system provider

uvex is the innovative brand system provider with international manufacturing expertise. We also have a cross-national highly qualified network of strategic partners – including both sourcing as well as sales – that allows us to meet wide-ranging market and customer requirements.


Always including customer requirements, we develop, manufacture and distribute industrial and non-industrial safety products that fulfil the highest standards in terms of quality, function and innovation. With our comprehensive service concept, we are pursuing the goals of generating measureable added value for customers around the world. We strive to be the leaders in innovation in our field.

Protecting people

People are at the heart of what we do. Protecting and supporting people in their professional and working environment is our company‘s goal. We offer our employees opportunities for professional and career development in an international group.

Digital transformation

It supports our existing core competences, create additional customer value, facilitates the development of new business models and contributes to securing our existing and future success.


As manufacturers, we place extremely high quality demands on our products and services. For us, made in uvex is a promise of quality we make to our customers, which they can always count on. Our aim is to effectively balance economical, ecological and social commitment. In order to achieve this, we have set demanding standards for our manufacturing sites and products, which also apply to all partners in our network.


The uvex brand is our future. It is our primary goal that our customers, suppliers and employees join the uvex brand value experience and generate their own success through the strength of our brand.


All of us at the uvex safety group are behind our brand values; as ambassadors for our brand, we want to help you motivate your team and protect the health of your employees. Place your trust in us, our products and our service solutions, and together we’ll turn the workplace into a safer place

Our goal is the winners' podium.

The management team of the UVEX SAFETY GROUP GmbH & Co. KG