October 2023

uvex IR-ex

Innovative infrared safety glasses with grey tinting: The protective eyewear technology uvex IR-ex provides reliable protection and ensures flawless visibility: uvex is the first company to use grey-tinted lenses in its infrared safety spectacles, allowing coloured signal or warning lights to be optimally recognised at all times — a definite plus for occupational safety.

October 2023

uvex CBR23 & CBR65

Preventive protection against blue light for fatigue-free and relaxed vision: The uvex CBR65 and uvex CBR23 tints enable high-contrast vision and protect against harmful blue light. Innovative uvex coatings ensure extreme scratch resistance and permanent anti-fog performance.

October 2023

uvex pheos nxt

The uvex pheos nxt safety glasses combine a classic sporty design with comfort, lightness and optimum protection. Thanks to its directional structure, the special design of the side arms ensures extremely good grip — even for demanding work. The uvex pheos nxt planet model offers additional sustainability.

October 2023

uvex 1 x-craft

Flexible work and safety shoes for working in trade, industry, construction and logistics: Thanks to its bendable flex groove in the midsole design, the uvex 1 x-craft enables maximum flexibility and mobility even during kneeling activities. For more safety, improved wearer comfort and better performance.

July 2023

uvex suXXeed craft

Uncompromising functionality. The uvex suXXeed craft collection featuring sustainable cargo trousers, warming fleece jackets and protective weather jackets for men and women is particularly suitable for outdoor use by industrial workers and craftsmen. Individually combinable with uvex suXXeed industry und uvex suXXeed mobility!

March 2023

uvex fire and rescue

If your job is to rescue people, you also need to protect yourself: Our innovative PPE solutions offer optimum safety to those working in emergency services, whether technical rescue or post fire gross decontamination. Developed in cooperation with fire departments – ideal for the requirements of everyday life in the fire brigade.

October 2022

uvex 1 sport white NC

The uvex 1 sport white NC is redefining occupational footwear, transforming functional workwear into stylish pieces. The entire range of uvex 1 sport white NC shoes meets all requirements for functional occupational shoes — but can be worn outside of professional environments, too. The fashionable design means they do not look like typical workwear.

July 2022


Protected from wind and weather: With the breathable, water-repellent and windproof uvex Hardhöhe softshell jacket for men and women the next outdoor excursion stays warm and dry. And best of all, the softshell jacket is also sustainable thanks to recycled materials.

February 2022

made in germany

For 95 years, uvex has remained true to Germany as its production location. With its eye protection and hand protection product groups, uvex ranks among the largest manufacturers still producing in Germany and Europe. This locational advantage is crucial when it comes to the availability and delivery of the products.

October 2021

uvex Anti-Fog

Anti-fog technology for clear vision: With the various uvex supravision coatings, our safety eyewear offers reliable anti-fog and other features for almost any application - from construction sites to laboratories. To keep normal glasses fog-free even in high humidity or cold temperatures, uvex antifog cloth cleaning cloths are the first choice.

October 2021

uvex suXXeed

The dynamic look, the perfect-fit frame geometry and the comfortable side arms leave nothing to be desired — wearer acceptance, comfort and protection are guaranteed Even during intense physical activity and when performing strenous work, uvex suXXeed stays where it should be: in front of your eyes, for your protection. uvex suXXeed protects you all day at work and in almost any situation.

October 2021


We started this journey more than a decade ago. A group of hardworking people with a new technology that no one had ever seen. One that had the potential to change the cut and puncture safety market. One that could save the lives and livelihood of workers across the world. So we started with one industry. And one glove.

June 2021


With more than 14 million workers and accounting for 7% of the European gross domestic product, the automotive sector is one of the most important branches of industry in Europe - uvex supports the safety of your employees with a large portfolio of protective equipment specifically for the automotive industry.

April 2021


Regardless of their size, all the companies have one thing in common: occupational accidents, occupational illnesses and work-related health hazards are always a possibility for construction workers. Occupational safety officers, safety engineers and other similar roles are responsible for minimising these risks, every single day.

December 2020

uvex phynomic silv-air

Safety gloves made in Germany meets Swiss technology: Our innovative uvex phynomic silv-air and uvex phynomic silv-air grip safety gloves minimise the risk of contact infection from objects within five minutes. Innovation "Made in Germany" developed for everyday and professional use.

July 2020

PPE in summer

Prepare yourself for the coming months with our selection of PPE designed with summer in mind. Reliable UV protection and our range of breathable PPE will help keep your hands and feet cool and your mind on the job.

June 2020

suXXeed construction

Withstanding the tough conditions of occupational safety and health on the construction site. The Construction Series in the colours high-vis yellow and high-vis orange ensures increased visibility even in poor lighting conditions and additionally protects against UV rays and heat.

November 2019

uvex 1 G2

The future is full of energy with the pioneering uvex 1 G2 safety shoes, covering protection class S1 and S2.

November 2019

uvex forestry

The right solution for every forest worker's need

October 2019

uvex phynomic airLite

The lightest safety gloves in their class come with a noticeable difference in wearer comfort – and: they protect your hands with the fifth sense, offering touchscreen compatibility and ESD function.

June 2019

uvex suXXeed

This workwear has it all: carefully considered functionality, a sporty design, exciting colour contrasts, unusual material combinations and a cut that fits like a glove

February 2019

uvex 1 sport

Designed for individuals – metal-free safety shoes for the entire day

October 2023

uvex phynomic

Cut protection for every level: uvex phynomic cut protection gloves offer reliable cut protection for a wide range of applications and are particularly abrasion-resistant, durable and Made in Germany. The XG models also impress with exzellent grip when assembling oily parts and practical touchscreen compatibility.

October 2023

uvex profi pure HG

Thanks to its innovative Hydro Grip special polymer coating, the uvex profi pure HG sets completely new standards in terms of grip in wet and damp working environments – for reliable grip during indoor and outdoor activities. Skin-compatible and carbon-neutrally produced in Germany.

October 2023

uvex glove expert

The expert by your side: With the uvex glove expert, you gain access to our innovative consultation tool for chemical protection gloves. The intuitive operation and modern graphical user interface makes the selection and documentation of suitable safety gloves even easier: The perfect chemical protection glove for your application is just a few clicks away.

October 2023

Digital service tools

uvex offers maximum service with maximum flexibility: with our digital service tools uvex RX lens consulting and uvex centRX for prescription safety spectacles and prescription VDU spectacles, we provide you with valuable information for ordering your individual PPE.

July 2023

uvex suXXeed mobility

Robust and sporty workwear optimised for the automotive industry: The uvex suXXeed mobility workwear collection for men and women in modern graphite withstands all the demands of automotive production and is suitable for industrial laundering. Individually combinable with uvex suXXeed industry und uvex suXXeed craft!

UPDATE: December 2022

uvex 1 G2 planet

100% Performance. 30% recycled. Now also in the midsole!
Recycled down to the last crumb: From the outer shoe material to the sole, the new uvex 1 G2 planet offers both sustainability and performance in the same shoe. The injected polyurethane midsole contains up to 20% granulate made using PU waste from our production processes.

September 2022


The Mips® safety system is designed to provide added safety for helmets in many accidents. For certain impacts, the Mips system can reduce harmful forces that might otherwise be transferred to the user’s head.

July 2022


“Protecting people” – even in their leisure time! With uvex alldayactive all-weather clothing for men and women, you’ll be ideally kitted out and optimally protected on your next outdoor adventure. Functional garments, all-weather trousers and outdoor jackets can be individually combined with one another thanks to the innovative layering system, offering perfect protection for all weather conditions.

October 2021

uvex pure-fit

Thanks to an innovative new production technology, the uvex pure-fit can be manufactured fully automatically from just one material without the need for additional assembly. It is made entirely of polycarbonate and is therefore 100% recyclable — just like the product packaging. This makes the uvex pure-fit an extremely sustainable solution.

October 2021

uvex 2 construction

The essential allrounder. Safe. Innovative. Robust.
The new uvex 2 construction was developed to meet the specific challenges of the construction industry.

October 2021

uvex i-range

The uvex i-range is our new flexible 3in1 safety eyewear range with the right product for virtually any workplace hazard or environment. The face seal of the i-guard and i-guard+ is made of recycled materials, which contributes to resource-saving and environmental protection — following our motto "protecting planet".

October 2021

uvex Bamboo TwinFlex® D xg

Never felt better: Uncompromising performance in cut protection level D yet are even more comfortable to wear. Thanks to the adaptive fit of our natural fibre technology, uvex Bamboo TwinFlex® protective gloves adapt precisely to every individual hand shape after 3-5 minutes.

March 21

Health care

The challenges in the health care industry are many and varied: in addition to the potential hazards in the workplace, employees in the health care sector also have to cope with physical and mental stress. Discover uvex personal protective equipment specially designed for the health care sector.

August 2020

uvex sportstyle rx

uvex sportstyle RX frames are equipped with high-definition (HD) corrective lenses of the latest freeform technology. The lenses are made of polycarbonate or Trivex and guarantee the highest possible protection and maximum performance when practicing a wide range of sports.

June 2020

suXXeed ESD

Antistatic protective clothing that effectively protects sensitive electronic parts from damage while providing the best possible comfort, durability and protection.

November 2019

uvex UV400

100% protection against UVB and UVA radiation

November 2019

Boa™️ Fit System  

Delivering fit solutions purpose-built for performance, the Boa® Fit System is featured in products across many industries – and now in a range of uvex safety shoes and boots!

November 2019

uvex 1 business

Do you need to head straight from the meeting room to the production line? uvex’s new line of safety shoes brings together three classic looks from the fashion world: Derby shoes, desert boots and Chelsea boots.

August 2019

uvex 2 xenova

Allround safety shoes for almos any situation – indoor and outdoor

April 2019

uvex protection active flash

Safety through active lighting – with led light guide system from OSRAM®

March 2018

uvex CBR65

Focus on fatigue-free, relaxed vision – thanks to our new tint with 65% transmission that enables high-contrast vision and protects against harmful blue light

February 2018

cut-resistant uvex gloves

Uncompromisingly robust without loss of comfort: the perfect combination of tactile feel and cut protection

October 2023

uvex phynomic XG planet

The planet update: Thanks to its Xtra Grip coating, the uvex phynomic XG safety glove offers excellent grip in oily environments and exceptional durability – and is now even more sustainable! The new uvex phynomic XG contains more than 50% sustainable material and is produced in a carbon-neutral facility in Germany.

October 2023

uvex 3 MACSOLE®

The uvex 3, but more robust: the MACSOLE® rubber sole makes the uvex 3 safety shoes and safety boots for heavy-duty applications even stronger as it makes the outsole particularly resistant to heat, chemicals and cuts. In addition, the MACSOLE® rubber sole features an unparalleled level of slip resistance, even in cold conditions.

October 2023

uvex vimox

Available from February 2024
One for All: the new uvex vimox visor brings the popular features of our uvex visors to almost all standard helmet models on the market. Thanks to outstanding ergonomics, simple attachment via click & pull system and practical resting position, the uvex vimox visor is the ideal supplement for safety helmets – even those of other manufacturers.

July 2023

uvex suXXeed industry

Stylish, comfortable, functional, versatile: The uvex suXXeed industry workwear collection offers the ideal workwear for men and women in the industrial sector with a large selection of t-shirts, longsleeves, cargo trousers, work jackets and more. Individually combinable with uvex suXXeed craft und uvex suXXeed mobility!

May 2023

uvex rubiflex S

A true all-rounder: the uvex rubiflex S chemical protection glove series is tailored to the various safety requirements in automotive and general industry as well as the farming and agricultural industry and features an impressive, unique combination of comfort, safety and sustainability with its first-class „made in Germany“ quality.

Heat-insulating S3 protective boot for asphalt work and road construction

October 2022

uvex 3 asphaltpro

Reliable protection for extremely challenging applications: The new uvex 3 asphaltpro is a heat-insulating S3 safety boot designed specifically for tarmac work. A range of features—such as the virtually seam-free construction, ergonomic outsole and antistatic comfortable insole—ensure a pleasant wearing experience for the entire working day.

July 2022


Do-it-yourselfers and hobbyists take note: The trendy uvex tune-up workwear collection for men and women includes everything you need for diligent DIY, from work shoes to work clothes and safety goggles. Thanks to the functional features and robust materials, nothing stands in the way of successful DIY projects.

July 2022


Fashionable workwear for professional craftsmen and more: The uvex Echor collection offers high-quality and hard-wearing work jackets and work pants with well thought-out pocket solutions and an innovative mix of materials for professional demands - the perfect workwear for trade and industry.

October 2021

uvex aXess one

safe. active. connected. uvex aXess one are active electronic earmuffs with the RAL (Real Active Listening) function. This gives the user the feeling that they're not wearing hearing protection at all and are still actively participating in the environment around them. This allows users to communicate more easily and improves their ability to detect warning signals.

October 2021

uvex 3

The uvex 3 has been specially developed for the extreme demands faced in heavy applications. It combines necessary robustness with a sporty and dynamic design.

October 2021

uvex suXXeed greencycle planet

uvex suXXeed greencycle is our first completely compostable workwear collection and we have thought of everything. Every button, every piece of yarn and every item of packaging is Cradle to Cradle™ gold-certified.

June 2021

Service Provider

Heading into the future together with uvex – for many of our customers from a wide range of service sectors, it is especially important now to know that they can count on uvex to be by their side as a well-established and reliable partner.

April 2021

uvex suxxeed multifunction

With our new uvex suXXeed multifunction collection, you are optimally protected against all hazards. Whether it is protection against heat and flames, short circuit electric arcs or chemicals: the uvex suXXeed multifunction range offers optimum protection and facilitates work with maximum wearer comfort.

March 2021

uvex 1 G2

The new uvex 1 G2 safety shoes now combines three innovative technologies - uvex i-PUREnrj, uvex x-tended grip und uvex x-dry knit. All together they guarantee 100% performance. Discover the new models!

August 2020

uvex perfexxion

Select & Match at work. This robust collection impresses not only with its selection of colours and its diverse equipment details: Depending on requirements, the different tops and trousers can be freely combined and colourfully mixed.

June 2020

suXXeed Basic

The basic collectionen focuses on functionality, comfort and the freedom of movement you need to do your work in a simple, goodlooking yet casual look.

November 2019

uvex pheos faceguard

Innovative face protection with an extra-reliable polycarbonate visor

November 2019

uvex i-5

Adjustment to deliver the perfect protection – the safety spectacles that fit every face!

November 2019

uvex megasonic

Let's you see things different – thanks to a revolutionary new lens design even under the harshest circumstances

July 2019

uvex 2 trend

Safety and comfort redefined – add a splash of colour to your feet and your day!

March 2019

uvex silv-Air premium

Comfort with every breath – with a rigid respirator that is extremely comfortable to wear

October 2017

uvex 2

This safety shoe is up for any challenge and superior in all disciplines – it pushes the limits in protection classes S2, S1 P and S3