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uvex alldayactive outdoor jacket

All-weather clothing and trekking clothing from uvex for men and women – be perfectly kitted out for the rain, wind and other adverse weather conditions.

The focus of everything we do and all the products that we develop is protecting people and making them more efficient: at work, in sports and during leisure.

We are experts in our field and apply our expertise so that you are optimally protected while you enjoy your leisure time outdoors. So that you are perfectly kitted out for your next outdoor adventure, we developed the alldayactive all-weather clothing range. alldayactive clothes are not just lightweight, durable and functional, they also give you a stylish edge while you’re out and about. And thanks to the innovative layering system, you will be perfectly kitted out for all weather conditions!

uvex outdoor clothing alldayactive all-weather

All-weather clothing and trekking clothing for every season and type of weather

The layering system – three layers

Weather protection
First wind, then rain – high temperatures in the sun, cold temperatures in the shade. What to do when the weather is so changeable? It’s actually really simple: wear one jacket over another! uvex alldayactive outdoor jackets and functional jackets are designed so that they can be perfectly combined with one another: the lightweight uvex alldayactive outdoor jacket can be worn as an insulating layer under the uvex alldayactive functional jacket. Together they offer the most flexible weather protection possible. Gone are the times when your outdoor jacket was either too warm or too cold. uvex alldayactive trousers work in the same way: you can comfortably wear the waterproof uvex alldayactive all-weather trousers over the flexible uvex alldayactive trekking trousers in rain, wind and snow.

Presenting the layering system

uvex layering system outdoor clothing

Trekking clothing and all-weather clothing for women at a glance

Trekking clothing and all-weather clothing for men at a glance

uvex alldayactive outdoor all-weather clothing
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