E I 3 Store – three different experts for eyes, ears and feet

uvex has joined forces with Hörluchs and Mergel & Sohn to open the new E I 3 Store, covering an area of over 300 m2 in the newly built BASF Medical Center in Ludwigshafen. With a team of qualified employees, this store will offer a wide range of optometry, acoustics and orthopaedics services. In doing so, E I 3 will bring three different groups of experts together under one roof to create a one-stop-shop for eyes, ears and feet. In addition to the products available, the store will also focus on using the latest equipment to provide individual consultations and services such as eye examinations.

Where to find us and how to make an appointment

The E I 3 Store is located on the second floor of the BASF Medical Center, Magnetbandstraße 5, Ludwigshafen. It’s open Mondays to Fridays from 9am to 6pm. So that we can schedule sufficient time for your consultation, we kindly ask that you make an appointment by phoning 0800/6644944 or sending an email to OPTIKSHOP-LU@uvex.de. An appointment is necessary to ensure that we are able to thoroughly check your eyes. This is particularly important if you're wanting an eye examination or a contact lens fitting but is also important if you're coming for other services too. However, our team of experts will, of course, be available for any emergencies even if you haven't made an appointment in advance.

uvex – the eye experts

made for your eyes – made in uvex. As one of the three teams of experts on hand in the E I 3 Store, uvex offers premium solutions for your eyes. You will find a wide range of frame brands which, in combination with state-of-the-art eye examination technology from renowned manufacturers, help to achieve optimum vision support. uvex also provides eye correction solutions with a huge variety of contact lenses available. What’s more, uvex employees are able to advise on all seasonal sports articles, such as sports prescription eyewear, so you can stay protected during your free time too. After all, protecting people is uvex's mission and is fundamental both to work and leisure.

uvex services

Refraction/Eye examination

In optometry and ophthalmology, the term axial refraction (lat. re “back”, frangere “to break”) refers to the optical power of the visual correction method (Wikipedia). We won’t go into too much detail but, needless to say, eye examination remains a very important topic for us. This is because we want to ensure the perfect prescription for your eyes so that your new glasses give you the best possible vision. To achieve this, we implement a large variety of eye tests using a range of equipment and visual signs. We begin by testing each eye individually before testing them both together. This involves further test sequences to check whether or not your eyes will be happy with the new prescription. We take great care when carrying out your eye examination and so kindly ask that you make an appointment when coming in for a refraction test.

Video centring system

Our video centring system is something we're very proud to have. This system not only takes measurements when your head is still and looking straight forward, it's able to take measurements for various movements of the head too. This is crucial because not everyone moves in the same way. A short video is then recorded and assessed. These measurements allow our lens manufacturers to produce a lens just for you – a type of tailor-made suit but for your eyes.

Contact lens fitting

We provide detailed and comprehensive contact lens fittings. We start by using different measuring equipment to closely examine your eyes so as to find the ideal pair of test lenses for you to try out first. This is the only way to ensure that all the specific features of your eyes are taken into account when selecting the final pair of lenses. After you’ve tried out the lenses, various tests are carried out with and without the lens to make sure that your eyes won’t get damaged. To be certain that we have enough time for this thorough process, please make sure to book an appointment. Our ultimate aim is that your eyes remain happy with the chosen contact lenses for as long as possible. This is why we recommend having at least one check-up per year with us. Your eyes can change over time meaning your contact lenses will no longer be the right ones for you. However, unfortunately, our eyes suffer in silence, so you’ll only be able to notice this once it’s too late.

uvex partners at the E | 3 Store

Hörluchs – the hearing experts

Always one step ahead in ensuring ultimate hearing. This is what distinguishes the hearing aids from Hörluchs – the second set of experts at your disposal in the E I 3 Store. This family-run SME offers innovative solutions to improve hearing for customers of all ages. Whether it’s tiny hearing aids that can be concealed easily within your ear, hearing systems with built-in hearing protection, tinnitus treatment, custom hearing protection or in-ear for brilliant sound, Hörluchs has the solution for you. Winner of the German Occupational Safety and Health Award and the Bavarian Innovation Award, Hörluchs® has been improving people’s quality of hearing and life for over 20 years.

Mergel & Sohn – the orthopaedics experts

As the final set of experts at the E I 3 Store, Mergel & Sohn represent comprehensive and high-quality orthopaedic care. They provide adapted insoles for safety and leisure shoes – all of which are individually manufactured at the company workshop. Mergel & Sohn are also experts when it comes to physical complaints and preventative treatments relating to the musculoskeletal system and offer support through products such as bandages, orthoses and compression stockings. If you would like an individual consultation, the team of on-site experts will be happy to help.

E | 3 Store
BASF Medical Center
Magnetbandstraße 5
67063 Ludwigshafen

Telephone: 0800 - 6644944

Monday to Friday: 09 - 18 h