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Functional underwear for work

Workwear and PPE must have two primary features: They should protect and support the wearer at their workplace, while being as comfortable as possible. This starts with undergarments. uvex functional underwear are precisely designed to meet the needs of physically demanding work. With comfortable cuts and innovative materials, the work undergarments offer freedom of movement, air permeability and warmth while keeping your sky dry — no matter what the day has in store for you.

Why use special work underwear?

Work carried out at construction sites and assembly shops is physically demanding. It's not surprising that you work up a sweat — no matter the time of year. uvex's functional undergarments are the solution to keeping your body comfortable during work.

Our functional underwear for men and women are specially designed for physically demanding work. The innovative materials feel pleasantly soft to the skin and help to transport sweat away from the body. The undergarments are stretchy but are also able to retain their shape, making them particularly comfortable to wear.

Functional undergarments: What are the special features?

Functional or thermal underwear are worn during heavy physical exertion, such as exercise or work, to help the body with its natural temperature regulation. During strenuous activities, the body relies on its own cooling mechanism: It produces sweat.

Instead of simply absorbing the moisture, the special work undergarments help to transport sweat away from the body, where it can then evaporate. The result leaves the skin feeling dry and at the same creates the desired cooling effect. In addition, the fast removal of moisture reduces unpleasant odours. Another advantage of thermal functional undergarments is that they dry very quickly. This prevents you from getting cold during short breaks or when working at cooler temperatures.

Thermal undergarments: Materials

To keep you dry in hot conditions and warm in cold conditions, uvex uses innovative materials to make work undergarments for men and women. These innovative materials help the body to regulate temperature. The blend of synthetic fibres and natural materials are particularly effective for this.


Dryarn® for maximum wearer comfort

Dryarn® is a particularly fine and lightweight microfibre made primarily of polypropylene and polyamide. The fibre has a high surface tension and is non-absorbing, meaning that water, vapour and sweat are transported from the fibre to the surface. There the moisture evaporates or is absorbed into other fibres. At the same time, Dryarn® has an insulating effect, which makes the fabric suitable for use even at cooler temperatures.


TENCEL™ for maximum cooling

TENCEL™ is a fibre made from 100 percent natural and biodegradable wood pulp produced from trees. Fabrics made from TENCEL™ are very soft, breathable, lightweight and comfortable. However, their particularly special feature is that they are very effective in preventing the growth of bacteria. Using these fabrics in uvex functional underwear guarantees a comfortable fit, even in hot conditions.


Merino wool for moisture regulation

In addition to Dryarn®, functional underwear from the uvex suXXeed range also consist of merino wool. This wool comes from merino sheep and is very fine, soft, curly and springy. Merino wool can absorb a lot of moisture without feeling wet and keeps you warm. It is also quick-drying, easy to clean and even has antibacterial properties. Unlike regular wool, this natural product is not itchy and is therefore well suited for clothing that has direct contact with the skin — thermal functional undergarments, for example.

Wearing work underwear correctly

Underwear are the first layer of clothing and have direct contact with the skin — that much is clear. However, to get the most out of your functional undergarments, there are some additional things to bear in mind.


Work underwear for men and women: Fit

Thermal undergarments must sit relatively close to the body in order to help as much as possible with temperature regulation. This allows them to absorb moisture effectively and transport it away from the body. Of course, the undergarments should not sit so tightly that they cut into arms, legs or other parts of the body. To ensure optimal fit of your functional undergarments, we offer work undergarments for men and women that adapt perfectly to your body shape thanks to their stretch content. Seamless undergarments provide extra comfort. They fit perfectly even under tight clothing, and the design prevents unpleasant chafing from seams during prolonged wear.


Functional underwear for summer and winter

Functional underwear help the body to keep cool, but also help prevent it from getting cold. To optimise these features, we offer special work undergarments for winter and summer. At warmer temperatures, you should wear functional undergarments that are as lightweight and breathable as possible. This prevents heat build-up and unpleasant sweat odours, and keeps you pleasantly dry.

In the cold season, the combination of microfibres and wool fibres works well to create particularly warm work underwear. If you sweat from physical exertion in the winter, this blend of fibres transports the sweat to the next layers of clothing as quickly as possible, meaning that you don't get cold. Most winter thermal undergarments also have long sleeves and legs to keep the body more extensively insulated.

Especially in winter, you should put on layers of work clothing: Several thin layers keep you warmer than one thick garment. Wearing one thick garment also reduces your freedom of movement. The functional underwear form the base layer, which transfers moisture outwards. Other breathable and quick-drying garments act as middle and outer layers and keep you dry and warm.

Cleaning and caring for thermal work underwear

To preserve your functional undergarments for as long as possible and retain their special features, there are several important points to bear in mind when cleaning and caring for your garments.

  • Temperature: Thermal undergarments can be washed at different temperatures depending on the material. In general, temperatures of around 30°C to 40°C are recommended. However, to be certain of the right temperature, you must consult the care label attached to your garment.
  • Detergents: Functional undergarments made from synthetic fibres can be washed with regular liquid detergent. However, if your garment contains wool, it is worth investing in a special detergent for woollen items.
  • Spin: To preserve the shape of your functional undergarments, you should avoid spin cycles where possible when using a washing machine.
  • Drying: The best method is to air-dry your work undergarments. Thanks to the special temperature-regulating features of the garments, they usually dry very quickly — even on washing lines.

uvex functional underwear

Comfortable fabrics, dry-feeling skin and stylish design: This is what uvex thermal underwear are all about — no matter whether they're for women or men, in summer or in winter. Find your ideal product now and benefit from high-quality uvex functional underwear.

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