Safety gloves Technologies


Nothing is more important than the safety of people in their day-to-day work! This is why we at uvex are constantly developing our products based on pioneering technologies. The objective: Combining protection, wearer comfort and relief in every product in the best possible way.

The latest generation of Bamboo TwinFlex® technology

uvex cut protection gloves based on the latest generation of patented uvex Bamboo TwinFlex® technology set new standards in protection, comfort, flexibility, dexterity and economy. The comfort class in robust cut protection helps increase wearer acceptance – particularly when carrying out demanding activities. The unique combination of natural bamboo and high-tech protective fibres ensures a high level of wearer comfort and good climate control while also providing effective protection. After all, a safety glove can only help to prevent accidents if the user actually wears it.

Cut protection level C and D:

  • robust and comfortable
  • bamboo – environmentally friendly, renewable raw material
  • cooling effect
  • regular fit

Patented Bamboo TwinFlex® protection
Cut-resistant glass fibres and abrasion-resistant polyamide guarantee optimum mechanical protection. The use of steel fibres in combination with polyamide increases the cut protection to as high as level D.

Patented Bamboo TwinFlex® comfort
Soft, comfortable bamboo yarn for a soft feel and perfect climate control combined with resistant HPPE fibres for high tear resistance. The combination of bamboo yarn with innovative Dyneema® diamond fibres provides a further significant boost to tear and cut resistance.

Bamboo TwinFlex® technology is a registered brand of UVEX SAFETY Gloves GmbH & Co. KG., Germany.
Dyneema® Diamond is a registered trademark of Royal DSM N.V.

Xtra Grip

The uvex Xtra Grip Technology reliably manages oil and liquids. The unique, multilayer design of the nitrile coating ensures an effective grip, while maintaining a high level of flexibility and outstanding tactile feel and wearer comfort. The robust design guarantees optimum durability.

The uvex Xtra Grip Technology is applied to selected uvex safety gloves that protect against mechanical or chemical risks – and they are completely "made in Germany".

uvex 3D-Ergo

The revolutionary 3D-Ergo technology is based on the anatomically formed 3D ergo hand shape. This makes the glove fit like a second skin. A natural sense of touch and maximum flexibility ensure fatigue-free work. The result: Precision to the fingertips.

uvex hand protection technologies touchscreen compatible safety gloves

Safety gloves for operating touch displays

Modern, computerised production processes and manufacturing plants are increasingly controlled via monitors with multi-touch displays. However, there is still the need in these working environments to wear safety gloves. This calls for a glove that enables users to operate these displays using multi-touch gestures.

We have developed and tested an appropriate and optimised product system specially for use with industrial touch displays for a wide range of applications.