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uvex occupational safety equipment for the metalworking industry

Around 478,000 employees are currently employed in the metalworking industry in Germany. Of these, around 49% are employed in precision mechanics and 51% in metalworking. A large proportion of these businesses are small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), but a number of large companies are also emerging.

Regardless of their size, all the companies have one thing in common: occupational accidents, occupational illnesses and work-related health hazards are always a possibility for employees. Occupational safety officers, safety engineers and other similar roles are responsible for minimising these risks, every single day.

uvex is here to help.

uvex products especially for the metalworking industry

The metalworking industry covers the full range of metal processing companies that are vital for industry: Mechanical engineering, tool construction, metal and steel constructions in civil engineering, climate protection and mobility, public infrastructure and modern living. To achieve great results in every project, each party involved in the process must work in flawless synergy with its counterparts — and the same is true of a perfect system of personal protective equipment for your team.

uvex has developed and selected a variety of innovative PPE products that are designed to meet the specific requirements of your industry and to reliably protect your employees.

uvex occupational safety equipment for the metalworking industry

To enable you to offer your employees the best possible protection in the workplace, we have developed uvex occupational safety products specifically for the metalworking sector. The products are tailored to the challenges of the individual producer groups:

uvex has been an official member of the Bundesverband Metall since 2015

The Bundesverband Metall in Essen represents the interests of German metalworking companies in 325 professional associations and 13 state associations.

In the metalworking industry in Germany, this includes around 33,000 companies with sales of more than 65 billion euro.

uvex has been the exclusive partner of Metall & mehr since 1 January 2022

Metall & mehr is a bonus club that emerged from a joint initiative of the state associations in the Bundesverband Metall and has been combining the purchasing power of its members since 2001. This results in attractive benefits for members of more than 60 partner companies.

All craft businesses that are part of metalworking professional associations are automatically enrolled as exclusive members of Metall & mehr for free.

uvex has been the exclusive partner of Metall & mehr since 1 January 2022. In order to receive the preferential terms, you will need to log in to Metall & mehr and enter the discount code listed on the partner page in the uvex online shop.

Occupational safety products are an investment in employees' health

With over 4000 reported cases, skin cancer is the number 1 occupational disease in Germany. The disease, caused by UV radiation, has replaced noise-induced hearing loss as the most common occupational disease. However, other illnesses triggered by physical influences, such as spinal and lumbar problems, infectious diseases and respiratory diseases are also becoming increasingly prevalent in the metalworking industry.

The development shows that high-quality occupational safety equipment for your employees is extremely important. With appropriate safety equipment from uvex, not only do you cover the primary function of protection, but other important elements such as design, functionality and durability of materials are also fulfilled. This in turn increases wearer acceptance on the part of employees, which has a positive effect on health and motivation.

This is why it is worth investing in high-quality occupational safety equipment from uvex

  • Wearer acceptance on the part of employees increases due to the interplay of safety, design and comfort
  • Increased wearer acceptance results in improved employee health
    —> Fewer occupational accidents, illnesses and work-related health hazards
  • Improved employee health results in fewer lost working days



The metalworking industry is one of the most important industrial sectors in Germany. The manufacturing of almost every product on the market has something to do with the metalworking industry in some way. For a number of decades now, the PPE specialists at uvex have assisted metalworking companies and the Bundesverband Metall (Federal association of metalworking) and have been committed to supplying employees with high-quality protective equipment and services, made in uvex. uvex has been manufacturing its products in Germany for over 95 years and is one of the largest manufacturers still operating in Germany and Europe. Whether you are looking for specific PPE products or for supply concepts for your employees, we will support you in this and are looking forward to ensuring that your colleagues get through the working day safely.

Michael Hertlein (Metalworking Project Manager)

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Education and training on PPE and occupational safety at the uvex academy

With uvex, you can keep your occupational safety expertise up to date and collect VDSI (German Association for Safety, Health and Environmental Protection at Work) or VÖSI (Association of Austrian Safety Engineers) points. Take advantage of our individual seminars or arrange exclusive company seminars – at our headquarters in Fürth, Germany or at your own business site.

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