Orthopaedic orders

If you or your employees cannot wear conventional safety shoes – for example due to very wide feet or diseases like diabetes – our orthopaedic shoe adaptations and comfort insoles can help.

Foot problems are lifestyle-related and often make it impossible for people to wear conventional safety shoes. However, since the revision of DGUV Rule 112-191, employees are no longer allowed to wear their own insoles inside safety shoes. Instead, the employer needs to ensure that orthopaedic safety shoes are available.

Our orthopaedic shoe experts and certified uvex medicare system providers across Germany develop tailor-made solutions for our existing foot protection range. For you, this means faster access to contact partners across Germany, and a uniform style for all safety shoes used in your company. All of our solutions are type-examined by the Prüf- und Forschungsinstitut Pirmasens e. V. (Test and Research Institute for Footwear Production) and by TÜV Rheinland.

uvex provides the following orthopaedic adaptations to shoes:

  • shoe raising up to 3 cm
  • rocker sole
  • butterfly roller
  • inner or outer edge increase

Additionally or alternatively, we offer orthopaedically adapted comfort insoles.

Please note

Our orthopaedic uvex shoe adaptations and our comfort insoles are only certified with specific safety shoes. To avoid safety risks, it is essential that you select the right safety shoe for the product.

Our safety shoes certified for orthopaedic adaptations are based on established uvex technologies. Suitable models can be identified by the uvex medicare symbol.

How to get your perfectly fitting safety shoes as quickly as possible:

Affected people/wearers: Please contact your employer.

Employers: Please use our distributor search to contact one of our orthopaedic partner companies. They will provide the best possible service to you and your employees.

Orthopaedic companies: Please send us your order along with a copy of the prescription and authorisation certificate. For comfort insole orders, footprints will then be taken by your uvex contact partner. You will receive an invoice from UVEX ARBEITSSCHUTZ GmbH after the product has been delivered.

Any questions about orthopaedic adaptations?

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