Respiratory protection Technologies


Nothing is more important than the safety of people in their day-to-day work! This is why we at uvex are constantly developing our products based on pioneering technologies. The objective: Combining protection, wearer comfort and relief in every product in the best possible way.

Highly functional filter materials

The carefully selected combination of highly functional filter materials of the uvex silv-Air range guarantees the highest level of protection and still facilitates easy breathing with the face mask.

uvex fine dust filter technology

The uvex fine dust filter technology ensures that the requirement for particularly high dust exposure is met (D - dolomite dust test). Therefore the masks have a very long service life and retain their above-average breathing resistance values even under heavy loads.

uvex silv-Air eco – innovatice sustainability in breathing protection

The new uvex silv-Air eco respiratory protection system combines maximum ergonomic wearer comfort with sustainability and cost-effectiveness in the field of disposable respirators. The innovative system, which comprises a frame, headband and mask, ensures that it can be flexibly adapted to different face shapes. Optimum protection is guaranteed through combination with uvex safety eyewear products.

  • Sustainable: The uvex silv-Air eco respirator features an innovative 3D nose frame without a metal nose clip or plastic headband attachment, which would be disposed of after use in conventional masks. The headband can also be used repeatedly and then replaced.
  • Ergonomic: The mask can be flexibly adjusted and works in combination with uvex 3D mask technology to ensure optimum ergonomics and a perfect sealed fit which prevents eyewear from fogging up on exhalation.
  • Cost-effective: The product has an economic advantage over conventional disposable respirators as there is no nose clip and both the frame and headband are reusable.

High performance

The climazone respirator mask has a triple-chamber system offering a high filter capacity with low breathing resistance. The presence of two additional filter chambers in the mask increases the filter surface and therefore also the service life of the product. The three inhalation valves regulate the exchange of air inside the mask, while also ensuring a pleasant working climate. This effective temperature inside the mask means that the uvex climazone is comfortable to wear. In addition, the respirator mask is made of a soft and skin-friendly material produced specially for uvex, so the respirator mask fits the face perfectly.

An overview of the benefits

  • A high performance mask with triple-chamber climazone system
  • An innovative respirator design optimised to the wearer’s head shape
  • Four-point headband for a comfortable and secure fit
  • An integrated, flexible and adaptable nose piece
  • A respirator mask with two additional filter chambers with inhalation valve to minimise breathing resistance and increase wearer comfort
  • “R” and “D” certifications: the respirator fulfils the requirements for both reusability (R) and extremely high dust exposure (D – dolomite dust testing), which means it can be worn for more than one shift.
  • Respirator mask has a soft, all-round sealing lip.