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Working at a monitor is hard work for your eyes. Working on a computer means constantly having to adjust your vision — whether you're looking at one or several monitors, your surroundings or your colleagues working nearby. Not only is this tiring for your eyes, but it also causes tension in your neck and shoulders. Computer glasses that have been specially designed for working with monitors can help relieve some of this tension and help you to avoid any vision-related issues while working on your computer.

The special feature of VDU spectacles is the distance for which they have been optimised. Normally, the lens is designed for a viewing distance of approximately 30 cm (reading distance) to correct presbyopia. A screen is usually about 50 cm – 80 cm away from the human eye.

To be able to focus continuously at different distances, spectacle wearers are forced to adopt an unnatural head position and body posture. This can lead to a variety of posture-related symptoms, such as overexertion of the shoulder and neck muscles, fatigue symptoms or headaches. For most people who wear reading glasses or varifocals in their everyday lives, screen glasses are recommended if the main activity in their job requires viewing a computer screen and safety spectacles are not mandatory in the workplace.

uvex offers an extensive range of computer occupational glasses, as well as a wide range of lens materials, focus types and frames for custom computer glasses, so you're sure to find the perfect pair to suit your needs and your style.

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The right computer glasses can prevent posture-related discomfort

The uvex Nahcomfort lenses in our screen glasses are individually adjusted to suit your prescription. The lenses are designed to meet all the needs of computer work and allow employees to see all objects located anywhere between 30 centimetres and 2 metres away clearly and without discomfort. The neck and head remain in a natural position, reducing discomfort in the shoulders, neck and eyes. uvex offers elegant, modern and long-lasting frames made of both plastic and metal.

The right VDU spectacles with multifocal lenses can offer the following benefits:

  • A more relaxed posture thanks to an adjusted visual field
  • Excellent vision while at work thanks to the custom-made design
  • Scratch-resistant and easy-care lenses
  • Coating that acts as a blue light filter

uvex as a partner for individual protective equipment

uvex offers maximum service with maximum flexibility. Our specialists are happy to advise you with regard to professional and flexible solutions, tailored to the individual requirements of your company

Our wide uvex collection enables us to find VDU spectacles for each of your employees.

uvex experts:

  • on-site service from qualified opticians and master opticians
  • qualified advisers in uvex customer service
  • comprehensive uvex optical service partner network in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and other European countries

uvex flexibility:

  • product consultation and adaptations on request.
  • appointments are also possible during the early, late or night shift
  • uvex online appointment tool optimises planning

uvex expertise:

  • decades of experience in optics and continuous development of products
  • training courses/practical seminars for your employees (e.g. company doctors)
  • 'Made in uvex’: Products with a focus on production facilities in Germany/Europe


Discover the uvex range of products and find the perfect computer glasses for your employees.

Plastic frames – uvex VDU spectacles

Metal frames – uvex VDU spectacles

Titanium frames – uvex VDU spectacles

What are computer glasses?

Computer glasses, also called occupational glasses or screen glasses, are glasses that have been specially designed to meet the needs of wearers working with VDUs. While normal glasses (reading glasses) are designed for a viewing distance of around 30 cm, computer glasses have lenses designed for multiple visual fields, allowing the wearer to see screens from a distance of 50 to 80 cm away and view their surroundings comfortably. These glasses allow wearers to see small details on their monitors more easily, as well as their keyboard, mouse and the people around them. This relieves strain on the eyes and ensures better ergonomics and more comfortable working.

How do VDU spectacles work?

Occupational glasses feature specially manufactured lenses. They are ground in such a way that they are ideal for the viewing distances typically associated with working at a computer, making this kind of work much more ergonomic.


How are the lenses in computer glasses constructed?

Contruction of lenses in computer glasses

The wearer's usual reading prescription is located in the lower part of the lens.

The prescription gets gradually weaker towards the top of the lens, allowing wearers to see clearly up to a distance of two metres. The transition between the visual fields is very gradual. The lenses in occupational glasses also have anti-reflection properties and feature a blue light filter.

UV blue — computer glasses with a blue light filter

A blue light filter is a surface finish consisting of several layers. This finish filters out short-wave visible light in the blue-violet range to prevent eye-related headaches while working on a computer. uvex glasses with a blue light filter come with the uvex UV blue coating system, a super anti-reflective coating and a scratch-resistant coating as standard.

Screens are a significant source of blue-violet light. The blue light filter on uvex glasses helps to reduce the headaches and symptoms of fatigue caused by working at a VDU for long periods of time.


Anti-reflective coatings on monitor occupational glasses

When working on a computer, light enters the eyes from a variety of different directions. Lenses should be equipped with an anti-reflective coating to avoid any restrictions on the wearer's vision.

The anti-reflective coating is a special layer that is applied to the inside and outside of the lenses by means of vapour deposition. It significantly reduces reflections on the surfaces of the lenses. What's more, it looks great and increases light transmission. Three quality levels are available: a normal anti-reflective coating, a multi anti-reflective coating and a super anti-reflective coating.

The normal anti-reflective coating offers:

  • Good reflection reduction
  • One application of metal oxide on each surface
  • Residual reflection of around four percent

The benefits of the super anti-reflective coating include:

  • Maximum reflection reduction
  • Several applications of metal oxide on each surface
  • Residual reflection of less than two percent


Nahcomfort lenses for uvex screen glasses

If you would like to order uvex VDU spectacles with a blue light filter for close-up work, all you need to do is provide your optician with the relevant close-range values and your preferred design (Type A, B or C). The specific height should be measured on the basis of the main line of sight. However, it is essential to ensure a minimum fitting height of 17 mm in the frame.

Type A Type B Type C
Degression*: 0.75 dpt Degression*: 1.25 dpt Degression*: 1.75 dpt
< 50 years 50 to 55 years 55 years

* Degression: Correction reduced, based on the close-range value!

Who should wear computer glasses?

Computer glasses are primarily required for people who spend the majority of their working day in front of a screen and struggle to see the information on the screen clearly. This issue mainly affects people who already wear glasses and people who have developed presbyopia.

In normal everyday life, a pair of varifocals or reading glasses is usually sufficient. However, we often tend to underestimate the effects that working on a computer can have on the eyes and body. To be able to continue using computers easily as we age, it is essential to adjust the field of vision of our lenses, as working at a computer requires a different reading range to the one provided by normal glasses. When people wearing regular glasses are working at a computer, they often bend forwards or strain their eyes in order to see better, resulting in an unhealthy posture.

Screen glasses can improve these symptoms

Working at a computer for long periods of time, looking at small text on a monitor and frequently changing where you are looking tires out the eyes and causes tension in the body. To be able to continuously focus on objects located at various distances, glasses wearers are forced to adopt an unnatural head position and body posture. This often results in symptoms such as:

  • Dry and/or red eyes
  • Headaches
  • Symptoms of fatigue after short periods of time and reduced concentration
  • Strain in the neck and shoulders
  • Sensitivity to light
  • Blurred vision

Special glasses for computer work are particularly recommended for people who wear reading glasses or varifocals in their day-to-day lives, especially if they spend a lot of time looking at a monitor.

Finish of uvex monitor occupational glasses

Anti-reflective coating - reduces disturbing reflections

Anti-reflective coating is applied to the inside and outside of lenses by means of vapour deposition. It significantly reduces reflections on the surfaces. It offers a cosmetic advantage and increases light transmission. Three qualities are available: normal anti-reflective coating, multi anti-reflective coating and super anti-reflective coating.

Normal anti-reflective coating:

  • Good reduction of reflections
  • Metal oxide is applied once to each surface
  • Residual reflection ≈ 4%

Super anti-reflective coating:

  • Maximum reduction of reflections
  • Metal oxide is applied several times to each surface
  • Residual reflection < 2%
uvex UV blue - computer glasses with blue light filter

Surface finish consisting of different layers. It includes a layer that filters short-wave visible light in the blue-violet range with increased effect.

Effective protection against the symptoms of fatigue and headaches associated predominantly with long periods of working at a monitor and/or with digital media.

The uvex UV blue layer system also includes a super anti-reflective coating and a scratch-resistant coating.


Tint of computer glasses

Tinted lenses provide effective protection against glare in areas with high light intensity (for example, sunlight)

Constant tinting:

  • Available in brown or grey
  • Tinting levels: 15%, 25%, 65%, 75%

Variable tinting – Variomatic™

  • Lenses tint automatically, depending on the intensity of the UV radiation and temperature 
  • Tinting of approx. 8% to 80% in brown
  • Available on polycarbonate and Trivex™ prescription safety lenses

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uvex sportstyle RX – prescription sports glasses

uvex sportstyle RX frames are equipped with high-definition (HD) prescription lenses with the latest free-form technology for optimum visual comfort. These lenses made of polycarbonate or Trivex™ guarantee the highest level of protection and maximum performance for a wide range of sports.

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