uvex 3 MACSOLE® – safety shoes with sustainable rubber technology

The uvex 3, but more robust: the MACSOLE® rubber sole makes the uvex 3 safety shoes and safety boots for heavy-duty applications even stronger as it makes the outsole particularly resistant to heat, chemicals and cuts. In addition, the MACSOLE® rubber sole technology features an unparalleled level of slip resistance, even in cold conditions.

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uvex 3 MACSOLE safety boots for heavy duty
uvex 3 MACSOLE sustainable sole

planet up to
recycled rubber

uvex 3 MACSOLE Global Recycled Standard
uvex 3 heavy duty safety shoe with less weight

less weight

Foot protection in extreme conditions – the uvex 3 MACSOLE® has it all:

uvex 3 safety shoe with bionom x technology

Unique design approach of safety shoes based on biomechanics.

Innovative climate control system that optimises breathability and climate management.

uvex 3 safety boots for construction with comfortable sole

Midsole with shock absorption and energy-return features, made of foamed polyurethane

uvex 3 safety shoes with esd protection

Electrostatic discharge (ESD-)footwear in accordance with EN 61340-4-3 and EN 61340-5-1

uvex 3 safety shoe for construction working certified for orthopaedic insoles

uvex medicare
certified for orthopaedic insoles

uvex 3 MACSOLE®: the features

uvex 3 MACSOLE safety boots with contact heat-protection

Contact heat-resistant

Contact heat-resistant up to 300° Celsius for short periods and heat-insulating

uvex 3 MACSOLE super flexibel safety shoes

Extraordinary sensitivity

A high degree of sensitivity and the flexibility of the sole are especially important when operating machines controlled by foot.

uvex 3 MACSOLE with waterstop technology

uvex waterstop technology

uvex waterstop technology reliably protects against water penetration for four times longer than required by the standard.

uvex 3 MACSOLE stable safety shoe with lace lock

uvex lacelock

Optimised lacing for increased stability with locking lace hooks.

uvex 3 MACSOLE with ankle protection

uvex anklepro

Provides excellent protection against painful impacts in the ankle area.

uvex 3 MACSOLE with sustainable sole technology


MACSOLE® technology with added recycled rubber in the form of devulcanised powder and granulate forms the basis of MACSOLE® planet. Using recycled material in this way saves resources and reduces waste while maintaining the same level of performance.

uvex 3 MACSOLE® at a glance

uvex safety shoes range

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