Nothing is more important than the safety of people in their day-to-day work! This is why we at uvex are constantly developing our products based on pioneering technologies. The objective: Combining protection, wearer comfort and relief in every product in the best possible way.

uvex x-tended grip

The uvex x-tended grip technology, based on the latest-generation TPU outsole, guarantees even greater performance in terms of abrasion resistance of the sole and slip resistance on smooth or wet surfaces. The result? Greater safety and stability for the wearer when walking. Less wear and consequently lower costs thanks to a longer service life.

  • 66% less abrasion than EN ISO 20345:2011 requires
  • 33% less abrasion even with double load
  • Optimised slip resistance

uvex x-dry knit

The unique uvex x-dry knit technology offers unparalleled levels of comfort and keeps feet dry: 365 days a year, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. This is made possible by the intelligent combination of outstanding breathability and the water-repelling characteristics of the innovative uvex x-dry knit knitted collar. Hot, sweaty feet are a thing of the past. Independent tests at PFI Pirmasens have proven the unique performance of the uvex x-dry knit technology.

  • 40x better water vapour permeability than standard EN ISO 20345:2011 requires
  • 17x better water vapour coefficient than standard EN ISO 20345:2011 requires
  • 100% better water penetration than minimum requirement of standard
  • 10x better water absorption than minimum requirement of standard

uvex i-PUREnrj

The future is full of energy with the pioneering uvex 1 G2 safety shoes. uvex’s innovative new polyurethane sole technology—uvex i-PUREnrj—returns the landing energy over the entire sole unit back to the wearer and redefines shock absorption and stability. This makes every day full of energy, with noticeably greater comfort and significantly lower fatigue in the feet:

  • 100% higher energy absorption than specified by the standard EN ISO 20345
  • 66% energy return underneath the heel
  • 59% energy return in the forefoot area
  • 29% higher cushioning after 1000 km use compared to standard polyurethane soles
  • 21% less perceived fatigue compared to standard polyurethane soles 

uvex tune-up insole

Antistatic insole concept for use in safety footwear. Designed to increase wearer comfort and enhance ergonomics by providing optimum support for the arches of the feet, helping to reduce foot fatigue.

  • three different arch support versions: High, Medium, Low
  • very good cushioning for comfort underfoot
  • reduces symptoms of fatigue
  • prevents pressure points 

uvex comfortable climatic insole

uvex comfortable climatic insoles provide the foot with full-surface shock absorption and ensures comfort in high-strain zones.

Features of the comfortable climatic insole are:

  • Ultra breathable and moisture-absorbing materials
  • Shock absorption zones support natural foot movement
  • Non-irritating, comfortable upper

uvex climazone foot climate management

uvex climazone is an innovative head-to-toe climate control system. uvex has combined its expertise in research and product development with the use of intelligent materials and processing technologies to develop a unique range of climate-optimising safety products, such as safety footwear.

uvex has been researching climate conditions for a long time. In collaboration with renowned institutes such as the Prüf- und Forschungsinstitut Pirmasens e. V. (Test and Research Institute for Footwear Production), Kaiserslauten University of Applied Sciences and the Hohenstein Institutes, testing methods and devices are being developed that enable a comprehensive and solid measurement of climate characteristics for the first time. Hot or cold feet, as well as discomfort from heavy sweating, can be real problems – that's why perfect climate control is especially important for safety shoes.

An example: The feet produce enough sweat during intense physical activity to fill an entire glass of water over the course of a day. uvex climazone draws this moisture away. This means dry feet and a pleasant and comfortable climate.

uvex multiple fit system

A multiple fit system for safety shoes means that a single shoe model is offered in different width fittings for the same size. These different fits are based on the measurement of the widest part of the foot. A measurement can be taken of either the circumference of the foot at the base joint of the big toe and the base joint of the little toe, or alternatively the width of the foot at this point (projection). To take this measurement easily, a special manual measuring device (Mondopoint measuring device) can be used, similar to the tools found in shoe shops. This will determine the shoe size as well as the required width.

Since shoes from different brands fit differently, we recommend that you determine your shoe size and width for uvex safety shoes using the uvex fit advisor app. The app uses calibrated photos to measure the length and width of your foot and then recommends uvex safety shoes based on the application area you have selected. The app is available for iOS and Android devices from the respective app store.

You can find detailed instructions on using the app here.

If you have any questions, contact uvex customer service at – the classification of sizes and the corresponding measurements are detailed in the table below (all measurements in mm):


uvex sizes and measurements
uvex shoe sizeFoot lengthWidth 10
Width 11
Width 12
Width 14


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