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uvex safety shoe technologies - always one step ahead

With our design & development center in Fürth, Germany, as well as our production site in Cagi, Ceva/Italy, we combine our know-how and resources to always offer you the best technology in safety footwear.

Our in-house expertise in the discipline of biomechanics has most recently enabled us to develop a design approach, the uvex bionom x principle, which optimizes the interaction between foot, shoe and ground for better protection and greater comfort. Most recently, we were able to launch safety footwear that, like athletic shoes, has rebound properties in the sole through our uvex i-PUREnrj material, reducing wearer fatigue.

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General technologies

bionom x safety shoes technology

bionom x

Unique design approach of safety shoes based on biomechanics. The visible, shared properties optimise the interaction between the foot, the upper part of the shoe, the sole and the ground, ensuring exceptional performance and comfort for many applications.

Sole Technologies


Midsole with shock absorption and energy-return features, made of foamed polyurethane. This helps the wearer keep fi t for longer and reduces premature fatigue and the risk of injury.

i-PUREnrj planet

uvex i-PUREnrj technology plus up to 20% recycled polyurethane residues from our in-house production processes. Using recycled material in this way saves resources and reduces waste while maintaining the same level of performance.

uvex x-tended grip

The TPU outsole offers maximum performance with increased abrasion resistance of the outsole profile: 66% less abrasion in the standard test than required, up to 33% less abrasion even under double load. Increased slip resistance on wet and slippery floors for even more stability and safety.

uvex x-tended grip planet

The TPU outsole with up to 10% recycled PU granulate provides abrasion resistance and slip resistance on smooth and wet floors.


Patented rubber compound especially for the uvex and Heckel brands. Featuring exceptional slip resistance, durability, abrasion resistance, grip, heat and cold resistance, chemical resistance and high elasticity, the rubber outsole is ideal for medium and heavy-duty applications.

MACSOLE® technology with added recycled rubber in the form of devulcanised powder and granulate forms the basis of MACSOLE® planet. Using recycled material in this way saves resources and reduces waste while maintaining the same level of performance.

x-showcase - uvex sole technologies

Shoe upper technologies

Material types

uvex x-dry knit

The unique, breathable and water-resistant knitted upper prevents sweating due to overheating and prevents water entering the shoe from the outside.

uvex x-dry knit planet

Additional sustainability: upper made from 100% recycled PET bottles


Excellent comfort whatever the weather: waterproof, breathable, windproof

There is nothing more unpleasant than wet and cold clothing and shoes. Sympatex has therefore developed a special membrane which absorbs the water vapour and removes it to the outside. This keeps the foot warm and dry even in extreme situations. And the best thing about it is that the higher the physical activity, the more effi cient the sympatex membrane works. Shoes with a sympatex membrane also provide eff ective protection from low temperatures and rain.

clima zone

Innovative climate control system that optimises breathability and climate management. The selection of materials, reduced number of layers and intelligent processing technologies all help to draw moisture away from the foot and ensure exceptional wearer comfort.

water stop

Leather that protects against water penetration for four times longer than is required by the safety shoe standard.

ankle pro

Absorbent foam in the ankle area provides excellent protection against impacts.

Toe cap and puncture protection

Toe caps

All safety shoes have a toe cap to provide protection. Safety shoes of the classes S1P and S3 also have a penetration protection. We also use different materials for these two components to ensure the best protection for different areas of use. Toe caps in safety shoes are subjected to a drop test on the one hand and a compression test on the other. In both tests, different minimum heights of the cap must be achieved depending on the shoe size and thus cap size. This is checked using a swaging cylinder, which is placed in the toe cap during the test and pressed in accordingly. In the drop test, the cap must withstand at least 200 joules (usually 20kg is dropped from a height of one meter). In the compression test, the cap must withstand 15,000 Newtons.


Our composite toe cap made of a material blend of fiberglass and plastic is 100% metal-free, thermally non-conductive and lightweight. Its anatomical shape is slightly thicker, but thus leads to good lateral stability, more toe clearance and an optimal fit.

Steel toe cap

Steel toe caps are robust, somewhat heavier, but can be installed thinner, which allows for narrower shoes overall. However, they can be cold bridges. In the construction industry, they are often a requirement because of their robustness. Our uvex 2 construction is equipped with a steel toe cap.

Puncture protection

The penetration resistance of safety footwear is determined in the laboratory using a blunt test nail of 4.5mm diameter and a force of 1100 N. Higher forces or thinner nails may increase the risk of penetration. In such cases, alternative preventive measures should be considered.

Two general types of penetration-resistant inserts are currently available in the PPE footwear world. These are metallic and non-metallic materials. Both meet the minimum penetration resistance requirements of the standards marked on the shoe, but each has different additional advantages or disadvantages including the following:


Is less affected by the shape of the pointed object / hazard (e.g. diameter, geometry, sharpness). Due to limitations in footwear manufacturing, the entire tread of the footwear is not covered. In addition, the metallic penetration protection is heavier than the textile and may form a cold bridge.

non-metallic / textile

Can be lighter, more flexible, and covers a larger area compared to metal, but resistance to penetration is influenced more by the shape of the pointed object/hazard (e.g., diameter, geometry, sharpness).

Closing systems

lace lock

With the locking hooks, the uvex lacelock system secures the laces in place and prevents them from coming loose, thus providing more stability in the shoe. Just as easily as the laces are tightened, they can also be loosened again by opening the hook. The laces remain undamaged.

The uvex lacelock closure system is compatible with all uvex laces. Our range includes round and flat, long and short, black and colored laces, so there is something suitable for every shoe and user.

BOA® Fit System

Delivering fit solutions purpose-built for performance, the BOA® Fit System is featured in products across industries (in medical, sports and workwear) and consists of three integral parts: a micro-adjustable dial, a super-strong lightweight lace and low friction lace guides.

The BOA® benefits.

Fit to perform.
Dial in your precise fit quickly and eff ortlessly. Even micro adjustments can be made quickly and easily on the fly, so you can always get the job done.

Confidence in all conditions.
The BOA® Fit System is extremely robust and has been tested under the toughest conditions. It will work as hard as you do so you can stay focused and confi dent in any environment - without ever having to remove your gloves.

Stay secure and focused.
BOA®‘s precision engineered laces stay contained in the dial cartridge, out our your way and out of machinery.

uvex multiple fit system and insoles

uvex multiple fit system

As part of the safety footwear multiple fi t system, a footwear style is off ered in the same size but in a range of diff erent fi ts. The diff erent fi ts are based on the measurement of the widest part of the foot. While the foot is under load, a measurement is taken of either the circumference of the foot at the base joint of the big toe and the base joint of the little toe, or alternatively the width of the foot at this point (see opposite).

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uvex insoles

uvex tune-up insole

Antistatic insole concept for use in safety footwear. Designed to increase wearer comfort and enhance ergonomics by providing optimum support for the arches of the feet, helping to reduce foot fatigue.

  • three different arch support versions: High, Medium, Low
  • very good cushioning for comfort underfoot
  • reduces symptoms of fatigue
  • prevents pressure points 

uvex comfortable climatic insole

uvex comfortable climatic insoles provide the foot with full-surface shock absorption and ensures comfort in high-strain zones.

Features of the comfortable climatic insole are:

  • Ultra breathable and moisture-absorbing materials
  • Shock absorption zones support natural foot movement
  • Non-irritating, comfortable upper