„In ecology, sustainability is the capacity to endure; it is how biological systems remain diverse and productive indefinitely.“ (wikipedia)

To put it succinctly, adopting a sustainable philosophy represents a promise to mankind and the environment to think about the future today. This involves a conscientious approach to consumption of resources in addition to controlled corporate growth, social HR policy and much more. uvex published a Sustainability Report for the first time earlier this year, outlining sustainability at uvex and measures that have been implemented across all areas of the uvex group.

A key feature of corporate sustainability is self-perception: as a family company in its third generation of ownership, uvex perceives itself as a leader of innovation and technology. We focus on investments which may only yield results after a few years. Healthy growth is therefore a duty for us. But healthy growth can only be achieved by those who factor in their surroundings – people, environment and regions.

Sustainability is a multi-faceted concept, some of which are presented in the form of infographics below – more detailed information on this subject can be found on our website or in the uvex Sustainability Report 2014.

Sustainability is economic success which does not come at a cost for our shared future.

Update as of October 31, 2016: There now is a new sustainability report on the uvex group website.

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